Where is Lee Charnley & what on earth is he doing? – Part 2

I wrote a piece in June with a similar headline, yet here we are three months later asking the same question.

There’s a very, very old song by a 50’s doo-wop group called The Platters entitled The Great Pretender. Have a listen and change Pretender to Communicator or in fact just leave it as The Great Pretender. It could be MD Lee Charnley’s theme tune.

Remember Lee Charnley? Yes the man that said openly in his programme notes back in August 2019 about being honest, open and keeping the fans up to date. Well, he’s certainly delivered on that hasn’t he?

Look, we all think we know or at least have ideas about how a football Club runs. We know that in “Lucan” Charnley’s case he oversees the day-to-day running of NUFC, apparently, and is heavily involved in the transfer activity.

Or is he? How do we know? I mean considering that he said over two years ago that he was going to be more transparent or at least he was going to make sure the Club were, we have no idea as if anything he’s been even quieter! Perhaps he’s only allowed to speak when Ashley says he can.

So, his ‘there is certainly a need to communicate more as a club and to let fans know where we are heading collectively’, statement has been a complete no-no and waste of time as since he said it, NOTHING!

A pathetic club statement came out yesterday attempting to justify our awful transfer window, yet even that was anonymous – which is ironic when this is a club demanding that the Premier League show full transparency.

One really, really wonders how he, Ashley and The Club can be deemed fit or proper! They can’t, it’s as simple as that. He never comes out and defends the Manager, he never comes out and criticises the team and he never ever comments on the owner.

In fact, as far as the loyal fans are concerned we haven’t got a Scooby about what he does, what goes on behind the scenes or what the future holds. Perhaps that’s the way it should be but in my honest opinion their silence is deafening and just further diminishes the reputation.

So, Great Pretender, Great Communicator, Great Enigma? Take your pick! To me he’s a waste of space and will continue to be so unless he comes out and tells us otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Where is Lee Charnley & what on earth is he doing? – Part 2

  1. “Look, we all think we know or at least have ideas about how a football Club runs”

    That’s the problem. We all THINK we know but actually we are clueless.
    We THINK we know what the actual costs of running a club are.
    We THINK that every penny Ashley has should be put into the club.
    We THINK money is being taken out of the club.
    We THINK we know how much we get for players, and therefore how much we should spend.
    We THINK Ashley is making all the decisions.
    We THINK Bruce is responsible for the training and playing players out of position.
    We THINK we know who we are bidding for.
    We THINK we know what’s happening with takeovers
    We THINK Ashley is in court to get the takeover reinstated
    We even THINK we have a right to know what is happening inside the club.
    The truth is, we are clueless. There’s nothing more dangerous than a little knowledge!


  2. Fredd…You THINK we are all stupid, perhaps to some degree we are, as we love this club.
    BUT we are not blind, we can all see how badly Ashley has run this club, because of the way the likes of Chris Houghton, Kevin Keegan, and Rafa Benitez, decent people have been treat, that no self respecting manager wants to come to Newcastle, without a good respected manager you will not attract good players, that also will not happen without funds!


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