Damning new claims explain why Mike Ashley has refused to sack Steve Bruce so far?

Considering we went 11 without a win last season and were forced to watch some absolutely turgid football at times, many were surprised that even the unpredictable Mike Ashley didn’t sack Steve Bruce earlier this year.

Fast forward over six month, The Times have released a report that may well explain why the NUFC owner had no interest in pulling the trigger.

According to the report, the initial three-year deal Steve Bruce signed back in 2019 “is automatically renewed and extended to its original length” every summer.

As a result, the 60-year-old is entitled to a £4m payoff should Mike Ashley decide to change manager.

Given his long-standing lack of interest in Newcastle United, recent eagerness to sell and claims that the club have no money to spend, you can start to see why he’d rather not part with another few million.

The Times state that Bruce has been left hugely frustrated by our failure to land Hamza Choudhury on loan last week, yet they should take a look at the NUFC fanbase if they want to see what genuine frustration really looks like.

Boos spread around St James’ Park during and after our 2-2 draw with Southampton before the international break, with many calling for Steve Bruce’s head in what was another abysmal performance.

Sadly, however, it seems Ashley has no intention of letting his man go – especially when he’d have to fork out £4m…

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5 thoughts on “Damning new claims explain why Mike Ashley has refused to sack Steve Bruce so far?

  1. Why would he sack Bruce?
    He kept the club in the EPL, which is ALL this owner wants..
    We the Geordies want to see good entertaining football, we want to see our club try and win something.
    We want to see this club, which is the centre of our culture treated with respect, and looked after by an honest and trustworthy custodian.
    The only way forward is for this owner to sell up and move on, which will require the help of the EPL, who seem only to protect and pander to the top few, unlikely help there then!
    We may end up having to go a fair way backwards to move forwards…


  2. There’s only ONE person surprised that he hasn’t been sacked = Bruce

    He’s done everything he can think of to get the pay off – God, at ANY other club he’d have got his 30 pieces of silver and been propping up the bar at a 2nd division club awaiting for another golden handshake

    He’s made a fortune on failure – while wrecking Clubs, young players career’s, and leaving dross like Hendrick and Fraser on massive salaries and impossible to get shot.

    Trouble is Ashley just wants to get the club sold without spending a penny while using the club as a billboard for Sports Defect


  3. I’m with KK – nobody is surprised that Bruce has not been sacked.

    They were probably distracted with all that “turgid” football.


  4. Masters is to blame for all this .the takeover should have been done he has stopped it .he has delayed court hearings .
    Why would Ashley spend his money when he has already agreed a price for the club.
    It’s like us agreeing to sell our house and spending lots of money making it better ,but only getting the same price agreed for it .
    It should have been taken over by the end of last season.
    Masters is a criminal ,why is he targeting Newcastle when Chelsea has a owner who isn’t allowed in this country .WHAT IS GOING ON GOVERNMENT NEED TO STEP IN NOW ITS RIDICULOUS..


  5. I’m loving it. All those Ashley supporter still lining his pockets watching drab football deserve all they get. Unfortunately it looks as though we’re in for another decade of misery.


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