Bruce sends new message to NUFC fans wanting him sacked & responds to Simon Jordan

Steve Bruce has insisted he will “never walk away” from Newcastle United, claiming it never occurs to him to quit when the going gets tough.

An ironic line given his history in management – he walked from jobs at Hull City and Sheffield United to name two – however the 60-year-old feels certain he has the ‘experience’ needed to ‘see us through’.

He’s also responded to the “we want Brucie out” chants, admitting that it’s difficult to deal with and something he has to accept when result haven’t been good enough.

Bruce has also responded to Simon Jordan – his former boss at Crystal Palace – after he urged the under fire NUFC boss to walk away earlier this week, saying he’s “never really thought about it” but understands where the talkSPORT pundit is coming from.

Here’s what he’s had to say on all of the above in this morning’s pre-match press conference:

Bruce on the “we want Brucie out” chants:

“It’s always difficult.

“I’d be sick if I said I quite enjoyed it.

“The frustration is, like any other Premier League club or any other Football League club, if you don’t get results then ultimately the manager, head coach, whatever I am, bears the brunt.

“That’s what it is. I have to accept that results haven’t been good enough.”

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Bruce on his future after calls for him to quit:

“It’s not all about me [to decide about his future].

“I’m here to only do what I think is best for the club – and that is manage it as best I can and keep us moving along.

“It’s for other people to answer that (questions about his future).

“I will continue to do my best. I’m never going to walk away from the challenge of it, that’s for sure.

You’re asking the wrong person.”

Bruce when asked if he’d consider his position if the the animosity towards him began impacting his team:

“To the detriment of the team? Well then you start looking at yourself, of course.

“But knowing the way I am, it’s not in my nature to walk away from something when we’re in a fight. ‘Oh it’s too difficult so I’m going to walk away’, that doesn’t really register with me.”

Bruce’s response to Simon Jordan; who urged him to walk earlier this week:

“I understand where Simon is coming from, but I never really thought about it then.

“I never thought just because it’s tough here, I’m going to walk away.”

“I believe with the experience that I’ve got that I can try and help the club. A lot of people will find that laughable – I understand.

“But that’s what I genuinely believe. I hope that my experience can see us through.”

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8 thoughts on “Bruce sends new message to NUFC fans wanting him sacked & responds to Simon Jordan

  1. Come on – he makes me laugh – and he’s right to say ‘What Eva he is’

    Just ain’t a MANAGER and that’s what we need = get Frank Lampard ASAP and move him to cleaning players cars

    Love how every other club has ‘Top, Top’ Managers and ‘Tip, Top’ Players!

    Well, if he ain’t going to walk away – I’ll get the wheel-barra


  2. That was for Ashley – not the fans – and it’s ‘I don’t have the experience of getting club’s out of the position I put them in…

    …but the only way to get a real (Top, Top) MANAGER is to pay me off

    And please do it ASAP – what more do I have to do or say to get the sack and me payoff???


  3. News Flash, Steve there’s a vacancy at Nottingham Forest if you’re interested, I’m sure they would be delighted to have you!?


  4. Well Steve bruce is a money grabbing spineless toss pot that is too scared to fall on his own sword and jog on to sign on at the job centre plus for his monthly like all of his bosom buddies should do while holding his hand


  5. it needs to be a full ground calling him out if its only away hell say its 3000 out of 50000 and if its only pockets at home hell say the majority are with him

    its an awful situation thats for sure


  6. How can you sack someone who’s sackless ? No tactics , no hope,Christ what we done to deserve this the dream team the FCB and the clueless Bruce. 😳


  7. Bruce thinks it’s unlucky that Wilson is out for some time?
    No Steve, it’s a catastrophe of management, one string to your bow is not enough in the premiere league, but the hierarchy were too tight and too stupid to do anything about it, and you the sackless manager said you had enough cover up front, giving that hierarchy the credence they didn’t deserve!


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