TWO managers ‘keen’ on Newcastle job – Howe & Wilder would also be in the mix – Report

According to The Chronicle, the representatives of TWO unnamed overseas managers have made it known that they’d be ‘keen’ on the Newcastle United job should Steve Bruce leave.

Mark Douglas’ piece insists that, despite claims very few managers would want to work with Mike Ashley, there’d be several potentially attractive options ‘outside the upper echelons’ of world football who’d be willing to take the role.

The report also named two other out of work managers who would be in the mix should Steve Bruce walk away or Mike Ashley decide to pull the trigger himself.

Those are former Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe and ex-Blade Chris Wilder, stating that they would both be ‘part of the conversation’ if we were to opt for a change in the dugout.

It’s not known if he is one of the unnamed overseas managers keen, but the piece highlights that former Feyenoord boss Giovanni Van Bronckhorst ‘made a strong case’ to Mike Ashley back in 2019, but was beaten to the job by Steve Bruce due to the latter’s ‘Premier League experience’.

Interestingly, Douglas also claims that Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta came ‘closer than most realise’ to replacing Rafa Benitez two years ago.

Here’s a snippet from his intriguing article for The Chronicle:

Even with Newcastle in a state of stasis with no long-term blueprint to grow as Ashley looks to sell, the club would have no problem attracting an alternative which would quell some of the unrest.

This correspondent has spoken to representatives of two overseas managers who are keen on the United role, and the likes of Chris Wilder and Eddie Howe would be part of the conversation.

Any manager outside the upper echelon would want the role.

When Bruce got the job, Newcastle came closer than most realise to appointing Mikel Arteta for a role that would probably have suited his progression better than being dropped into the Arsenal gig. Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who had won the title with Feyenoord, made a strong case but was turned down because Newcastle wanted Premier League experience.

Bruce still ticks that box but it has been a bruising couple of years and it’s worth reflecting on the fact that even those close to him seem to be counselling him that the job now feels impossible.

If Bruce was to leave in the coming weeks or months, which realistic replacement would you like to see us look at?

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6 thoughts on “TWO managers ‘keen’ on Newcastle job – Howe & Wilder would also be in the mix – Report

  1. Both having played for & had special links to the clubs they took into the championship – wouldn’t touch either

    NEED a MANAGER that has something to prove and make a positive impact = Frank Lampard

    Bruce has to wake up – even his family know and are telling him that he’s made a complete mess and unable to do ANY better = leave before you leave us 20 points behind the rest


  2. Bruce is still better than the 2 managers. Howe is a yo-yo manager and his transfer dealings are less then desirable.
    As for wilder, who wants to see 90mins of players suffering on the pitch on a weekly basis


  3. Ashley already has a replacement. Graeme Jones. Why hire someone else when he can shuffle in Jones as a manager on an assistant coach’s salary.

    Sad but true….


  4. I find it rather amusing that Chronicle insist they are not stirring things up and making things difficult for Bruce, then they immediately print a load of negative articles, followed by this one saying 4 managers are waiting for the opportunity to step into Bruce’s job, even though anybody who knows anything about Newcastle and Ashley knows 100% that there is no way the owner would even consider replacing Bruce at this stage of the season.

    It’s a joke. The Chronicle’s journalists – and I use the term VERY loosely – are acting like a bunch of seven year olds.


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