Journalist says Mike Ashley expects Saudi takeover to go through in 2022 – Groundhog day?

A new report claims that Mike Ashley is ‘confident’ that the Saudi-backed bid to buy Newcastle United will finally go through next year.

An arbitration case to settle the ongoing dispute between NUFC and the Premier League – expected to take place during the summer – has been adjourned until early 2022, with many fans hopes of the deal being completed now diminished.

Graeme Bailey, formerly of Sky Sports, has released a new piece for 90min claiming that Ashley is looking forward to washing his hands of Newcastle and expects the deal to be completed once legal proceedings commence next year.

It’s said that Ashley believes the arbitration case is ‘likely’ to go in our favour, with Amanda Staveley’s buying side also feeling that the proposed buyout ‘could be closer than ever’ – insisting that the PIF remain committed to the deal despite links with Inter Milan in recent weeks.

However, tread carefully, Toon fans, as the buying side’s confidence has never once wavered throughout the entire process.

There was supreme confidence when the deal first emerged in April 2020, confidence last summer and confidence over the first half of 2021, yet here we are 18 months later. No new owners, Mike Ashley still in charge and a court case that’s been kicked into the long grass once again until ‘early 2022’.

Amanda Staveley was doing the media rounds in July before the original date that the hearing was meant to take place but has been silent since a statement confirmed the case had been pushed back.

All Toon fans are sick to their stomach with news regarding the takeover but, unfortunately, while Ashley is still in charge and this deal lingers above St James’ Park like a dark cloud, our club is in limbo and won’t be successful anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Journalist says Mike Ashley expects Saudi takeover to go through in 2022 – Groundhog day?

  1. We all hope so on the takeover but the courts work in funny ways , see what happens next week with the CAT case , we will all be glued to it .
    Funny one on Carroll the misfiring over rated striker saying joelinton is “ excellent” & the scouts actually signing these 2 players . Pity they didn’t see the free potential staring at them in Armstrong & Toney . 🤷🏽‍♂️


  2. Anyone who still clings on to the hope of a Saudi takeover needs their bloody heads looking at if you ask me!!.


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