Steve Bruce now considering walking away from Newcastle United – Report

According to Football Insider, Steve Bruce is now considering his future at Newcastle United and could quit.

The report states that the 60-year-old has told friends he is feeling “lower than ever before” and feeling “really down” about his situation at St James’ Park.

He’s always insisted that he would never walk away from the club, vowing to fight on, however it seems this stance may be wearing thin.

Football Insider claim he is sick of taking the brunt of supporters’ anger and is also unhappy with Mike Ashley, believing he is doing the job with one hand behind his back – yet being forced to front up to all fan anger and media questions.

So, it seems he is not only angry by the lack of backing he received over the summer – and feeling hung out to dry as the only public face of the club – but struggling with the scrutiny he’s receiving after failing to win any of our opening six games this season.

Here’s a snippet from Football Insider’s latest exclusive:

Steve Bruce has told friends he is feeling “lower than ever before” and has given thought for the first time to quitting Newcastle United, Football Insider can exclusively reveal.

A source with knowledge of Bruce’s situation has told Football Insider he is feeling “really down” and “lower than ever before” as the pressures of the job mount.

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Bruce is tired of taking the brunt of the supporters’ anger and continued dissatisfaction at the ownership of Mike Ashley, who has failed to sell the club to a Saudi Arabia-backed consortium.

As the public face of the club, the manager believes he is taking all the flak from the fans and the media despite doing the job with one hand tied behind the back.

Ashley’s stance is that he has no intention of sacking Bruce while Newcastle are in the Premier League.

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10 thoughts on “Steve Bruce now considering walking away from Newcastle United – Report

  1. What absolute tosh! Where do you get your information? He will not walk, as stubborn and deluded, thinking he can turn it around.


  2. It’s the job of any business manager to support the decisions made by the club.
    Even if he disagrees with his CEOs decisions…
    That’s what Bruce has done.
    As did McLaren
    As did Pardew
    As did blah blah blah
    That’s the job.
    The only ones who don’t are the ones who think they are bigger than the club.


  3. IF Ashley had given the clown money we’d now have another average Leicester winger (not a striker which we are crying out for) and Jones from ManU = Bruce being the only idiot that would take him off their hands…

    …all the other ManU names liked to NUFC haven’t been offered.

    The strongest back line up was against Burnley in the cup, they didn’t get anything – yes we didn’t lose according to numpty – but he wasn’t played they together again = the guy just hasn’t a clue how to MANAGE

    Don’t think the Numpty could find his way out without his Sponsor!


  4. no Ashley will not want to pay Steve Bruce if he sacks him and Bruce is really stubborn
    he will not walk away. Its all about


  5. He,s a fat nose rat that should have never been allowed through the gates of Saint James park he couldn’t tie his own laces never mind pick a team of players he,just want,s to get back to corbridge and stick his fat head back amongst the cabbages in his garden as that’s what he is.


  6. Don’t go looking for sympathy, Bruce. You were lucky to get the job in the first place. Only disgraceful neglect from the owner has kept you in the job since. So many years of incompetence and the fact that you are still employed shows how ridiculous football is.


  7. Well if I had been subjected to half of the abuse that man has been getting I would say stuff it and go then see what other chancer Ashley lands us with Dennis wise mebbe


  8. One hand tied behind his back not back net spend of 150 million + maybe 5 wins 30 games all that makes no difference to game plan poor dated tactics only training for 3 to 4 days aweek . It’s the millions in wages he doesn’t want to walk away from he’s the lowest paid manager in the League but it’s the highest paid job he has had sticks with joelinton and ASM up front when neither are striker’s yet he won’t give Gayle 90 mins . Please Mr Bruce leave before my club ends up Relagated after years of stealing a living as a manager surely you don’t need the money ? walk away with some Respect #toonarmy #PIF#takeover


  9. I’ve supported toon all my life it sickens me the flack Bruce has got how the hell can he do a job under Ashley regime yes he’s not the ideal manager but I think he’s doing ok under impossible circumstances if he keeps us up and he will full credit to him if he’s sacked as most supporters want who the he’ll is going to take job with fat Ashley in charge message to all supporters get behind team and Bruce


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