Simon Jordan U-turns on Saudi takeover saga after claiming £300m deal was “dead”

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has been added to the growing list of takeover sceptics who now think the £300million Saudi-backed deal will go through.

Several journalists who had previously questioned whether the consortium will be given the green light – including Luke Edwards, Ben Jacobs and Richard Keys – have U-turned on their stance following news that Saudi Arabia lifted their nationwide ban on beIN Sports.

Just a few days ago, Jordan was live on talkSPORT when he said that the proposed takeover of Newcastle was “deader than a dead thing from dead land” and “did not have a cat in hell’s chance of going through”, but has now backtracked on Twitter following the news that broke yesterday.

All reputable sources now claim that the deal will be given the green light and that Mike Ashley’s disastrous 14-year stint on Tyneside is all but over.

This is what Jordan said last night, citing how the situation has “changed significantly” and he now expects the deal will be waved through:

2 thoughts on “Simon Jordan U-turns on Saudi takeover saga after claiming £300m deal was “dead”

  1. Wow!! I’m so excited!! Some positive news of the best kind at last!!


    We have earned this from all of our years of suffering. Time to reap the rewards of our loyalty!

    Time to get our money together for pledge1892 now to try and get in at boardroom as fans…we need about 3 million or there abouts…


  2. Bruce must be clearing his empties from behind his desk as we speak =

    The only down side is these wasters will get a huge sum for failure!

    Then we have the press already giving us new manager’s – Millionaire’s taking over and they think Howe & Wilder are on a list (!!!???) Bit like buying a Ferrari and getting rid of the clapped out engine and replacing it with a 50cc motorbike engine = those two would ONLY be on MD Charmless list as he’s proved he’s NOT capable and god knows how the clown got the job – must be because Ashley has used him to strip the club and then sign off on huge loans and get numpty managers that are too pissed to ask what’s going on


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