Mike Ashley sends final message to NUFC fans as he breaks silence on £300m Saudi sale

Mike Ashley has revealed that he actually received a HIGHER offer for Newcastle United than the one he accepted, but stuck with the Saudis as he felt they would be the perfect new owners at St James’ Park.

The 57-year-old has also discussed his ‘great respect’ for Newcastle fans, ‘despite what some people may think’, stating that he felt obliged to ‘fight’ for this takeover after 18 months of frustration.

He claims he would ‘love nothing more’ than to see the club win trophies under the new regime, accepting that his time on Tyneside saw us fail to reach our potential on the field.

That said, Ashley insists he is ‘proud’ to have left the club in a healthy financial position with no debts, feeling ‘sure’ the Saudi-backed consortium will deliver success.

Here’s what he’s had to say when speaking to The Sun:

“Owning a football club gets into your blood and l would love nothing more than to see Newcastle winning trophies.

“I accept that during my time at Newcastle we have not achieved the club’s full potential on the field.

“But I do believe that away from the pitch we got many things right.

“I am proud to leave the club on a solid financial footing with no debts, which is obviously a good foundation for the club going forward.”

“I’m pleased that a consortium backed by PIF is the new owner of Newcastle United. I am sure this will deliver the success that fans deserve.

“I’ve always said that I would only sell to a new owner if they can invest the necessary funds to enable Newcastle United to compete at the very highest level.

“I believe this change of ownership is true to that principle.

“I would like it to be known that I received a higher offer for the club than the one that I accepted.

“It was from another reputable bidder, who made a credible case.

“But I felt the bid that we accepted from the current new owners would deliver the best for Newcastle United.

“Money wasn’t my only consideration. There were times when I stepped in financially to keep Newcastle United afloat.

“We ensured the wage bills were paid when we went down in order that we could bounce straight back up.

“Nobody was happier than me when we achieved immediate promotion.”

“I’ve known for some time now that many Newcastle fans were frustrated by the situation… I therefore felt that I owed it to the fans to fight.

Despite what some people may think, I have always had nothing but the greatest respect for the Newcastle United fans”

After 14 years of neglect, misery and complete and utter mismanagement, Mike Ashley won’t be getting any heroes farewell from Newcastle United fans.

He may have sold to heavyweight owners capable of transforming our club for many years to come, but where was this ‘respect’, ‘fight’ and drive to win trophies during the past decade?

Goodbye Mike – and good riddance.

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan, he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC!

8 thoughts on “Mike Ashley sends final message to NUFC fans as he breaks silence on £300m Saudi sale

  1. Hats off to Ashely if he received a higher bid and still sold to the Saudis.

    Got to give him a thanks for that!


  2. “I’ve known for some time now that many Newcastle fans were frustrated by the situation…”

    He’s one sharp cookie, that Ashley!


  3. I wouldn’t say 14years of neglect. If you have ever owned and run a business, you’ll see and understand from Mikes perspective what he tried to archive. He wanted a steady ship that was self sufficient with eagle eye scouts to buy players young and cheap for higher resell to reinvest in facilities and squad. Mike was never a football man, he took a calculated risk to expand his empire.
    Fans are fickle who cry and moan about investment when it’s not their money. Try running a household on a tight budget when your kids annoy you for new gadgets that you can’t afford.
    If Mike caved into the fans and ran the club beyond his means, Covid hits and bam the club runs into financial ruins. Guess what, the same fans will blame him. It’s a never ending fight.
    You have to keep in mind your beloved Freddy Shepard was in huge debt when the club was sold, Mike covered that debt interest free to advertise at the grounds which he was entitled to since it was his club but fans continued to piss and moan.
    In the end I do believe Mike made the right call to sell it to the Saudi’s even if he had a higher bid. Like the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Try attacking the new hierarchy when you don’t get when you want and see where it leads to


  4. Blah, Blah, Blah,

    All I’ll say is – you wanted the BEST for NUFC and got the cheapest / worst Manager SB?????

    Financially Sound – great – but it’s a sport SO not to compete at any level???

    And all these loan’s – What the F – guy sold players, out that money in his pocket and gave us loans for replacements????

    Just a billboard for Sports Defect – ZERO Respect for NUFC & Fans


  5. Hilarious and shameless.

    He ‘hoped to build on the 5th place finish” – oh aye??? Then how come he didn’t allow anyone other than Vernon Anita to be signed in the 18 months afterwards?

    How come he failed/refused to build commercial revenue for the club, which in turn could have been spent on the team under FFP? It is in fact less than when he bought the club 14 years ago!

    The club may be ‘debt free’ but that’s only because he turned the debts into a personal loan for which he has now been fully repaid.


  6. Which part of reality do you have a trouble with???

    Big D:
    Hats off to Ashely if he received a higher bid and still sold to the Saudis.

    Got to give him a thanks for that!


  7. He is suppose to be a clever man yet he couldn’t see just a small investment correct manager he could have been a hero but he has left in disgrace
    I don’t understand he must of wanted to be winning instead of watching that shit week in nieve not understanding g the area or football he would have made a fortune if he had backed the club watch it go now
    Good luck to the Toon and new owners


  8. You guys make me laugh. Mike Ashley is seen as a disgrace to your club but you embrace a takeover that involves an individual who was involved in the alleged killing of Jamal Khershoggi? Ashley’s perceived lack of investment in Newcastle is deemed “disgraceful” but your new owners involvement in alleged murder is acceptable? Hang your heads in shame . Oh, before you hit me with the words “nothing proven”, denying you murdered someone doesn’t make you innocent. If the Saudis killed one of your family members that spoke out against them, would it still be OK because they are pumping money in to your beloved club? Or are you just overlooking the trivial matter of alleged murder because it doesn’t affect you directly, it happened to someone you didn’t know or care about? That “someone” had parents, family and friends that miss him to this day. For you to rejoice in the streets after being taken over by such questionable characters says a lot about the scruples of the people of Newcastle. Prepare yourselves for the inevitable ridicule and repugnance that is coming your way, not just for Newcastle United fans but for the people of Newcastle as a whole. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.


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