Saudi takeover sees Premier League snakes run to Richard Maters – You couldn’t make it up

So, just a few days into life under new ownership and it hasn’t taken long for the “Big Six” and others to show their true colours as we see that they’re “demanding” an emergency meeting with the Premier League.

Well, good luck with that lads! A snippet from The Guardian’s piece reads:

“Premier League clubs are demanding an emergency meeting after a series of complaints emerged about Newcastle’s takeover and the effect it could have on the league’s brand.”

That last line makes me laugh. Most of these are Clubs that would have gone forth and multiplied to put it politely if the European Super League had kicked off.

Not thinking too much about the brand then were they when they tried to sneak off to the ESL – the most grotesque, money-grabbing and sly ploy we’ve ever seen in the history of this sport!

It’s said Daniel Levy and Tottenham are leading the protests. Rather ironic when he was one of the driving forces behind the ESL and tried to sell Spurs to the Saudi Royal Family back in 2019!

Look, before I comment further, I get the human rights issues surrounding KSA and I totally understand that some of their practices are abhorrent to some. But when did Football and particularly football at the highest financial level aver give a fig about morals?

Like it or not – and I’m definitely in the former camp (!) – the Takeover has happened, has been rubber stamped and sanctioned and everyone has got to learn to live with it and follow the consequences.

The simple facts in my mind following this call to arms of the PL clubs is simple – 1. Jealousy and 2. Bricking it as their monopoly and power is crumbled before them.

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We await what happens with bated breath and dripping with anticipation. If we get out of the bottom three by January, and we will if a certain person leaves the Club, then they will get very twitchy indeed and definitely have to be watching their backs.

In this modern football day and era, money talks and £320 billion means a lot of ears are listening.

5 thoughts on “Saudi takeover sees Premier League snakes run to Richard Maters – You couldn’t make it up

  1. Great piece. The best thing is Levy had tried to sell spurs to KSA but wanted too much money for them ???


  2. Good article.

    It’s shocking real, these big six are worried that the monopoly they had is vanishing quicker than Steve Bruce, who you have to respect for wanting to manage his hometown club. (**** manager though, but he had no funds).

    It’s going to be fun and games.


  3. The irony of a Jewish person,Levey wanting to sell to possibly the most Jewish hating country in the world, which funds the PLO , and fails because he was too greedy, then objecting to another club being bought by the KSA, on human right record is actually breathtakingly hypocritical.


  4. Money doesn’t talk it swears, according to Bob Dylan.
    It’s great to see the big six have their noses tweaked.
    I hope Newcastle go on and dominate football. (I’m a Liverpool fan too).
    The European Super League was the nastiest, most selfish & spiteful act we’ve ever seen in sport. Sadly it hasn’t gone away. Let’s cheer Newcastle as they beat the hypocritical big bully boys at their own game.


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