Steve Bruce escapes sack (for now) after first meeting with Amanda Staveley – Sky Sports

It doesn’t look like Steve Bruce is going to be sacked today.

Sky Sports have revealed that Amanda Staveley has now left the training ground after a 90-minute visit, which saw her hold face-to-face meetings with Steve Bruce and the players for the first time since the Saudi-backed takeover went through last Thursday.

North-East reporter Keith Downie says this is as far as the meeting went, suggesting, along with The Chronicle’s Mark Douglas, that no announcement on Steve Bruce’s future is expected today as a result.

You have to wonder why the consortium are delaying the inevitable here, with just about every journalist in the country reporting that Bruce WILL be sacked this week.

Shouldn’t we be putting him out of his misery at the earliest opportunity (today) and leaving Graeme Jones to take first-team training given he’s expected to be the caretaker manager for this Sunday’s huge clash with Spurs at St James’ Park?

Things could change – he’ll be sacked tonight for all we know – but it sounds like we may have to wait another day or two, with him currently taking a training session as we speak.

Here’s what Keith Downie’s had to say in his latest update for Sky Sports News:

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3 thoughts on “Steve Bruce escapes sack (for now) after first meeting with Amanda Staveley – Sky Sports

  1. He’s been told that if he sits at the back and promises not to touch anything they’ll let him notch up his thousandth game as a manager.

    It’s costing him a million off his settlement and he’ll be allowed to mutter something about “mutual consent” at the press conference.


  2. He needs to go … end of …
    The consortium know this and Bruce knows this.

    Get on with it.
    Keeping him on death row is cruel.

    Howay the lads.


  3. Bruce was brought in to keep us in the Prem while Ashley sold the club – Tick he did that
    He had to do this on the back of a good run at the end of last season double tick
    he started this season with a weaker squad and saved Ashley forking out millions to merely keep the squad going, knowing that Ashley would bend the world to get rid of the club Tick for bravery there he knew he was on a hammering to nowt. The hyenas in the press and in the stands only see that he is the gaffer and he is all seeing – he’s not. In reality he’s the sort of manager that you would bring in to stop the present situation resulting in relegation. Never been at a club where he has had anything more that throw-aways and castoff’s, loan deals and sick notes – what would he be like with a few bob to spend. And if any body else compares him with Benitez I might remind you that Benitez’s park the bus theories never thrilled me much or looked like the entertainers 🙁 and it was his squad that Bruce inherited. The fans hate him – so what they hated the Scot at West Ham 18 months ago – now he would get the freedom of the Isle of Dogs. Lets look at an accurate lens for Mr Bruce and admit that you want a punch bag because Ashley has walked away with the cash and you have nobody else for a miasma of media induced hate mail on the one guy left. wonder how long it will be before the PIF and the House of Saud replaces Steve Bruce?


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