Amanda Staveley’s warning to NUFC fans when asked about superstar signing & Man City

Amanda Staveley has insisted that it is unrealistic to target superstar names like Kylian Mbappe at present, explaining why Newcastle will build sensibly and sustainably under new ownership.

The PSG star was put to Staveley during an interview with The Athletic, with many fans wondering just how ambitious our transfer plans will be now we’re officially the richest club on the planet.

Following in the footsteps of financial powerhouses Man City and PSG was also mentioned in the interview and is something our new co-owner wants to replicate, however she’s warned that it will take “a lot of investment” and the laying down of solid foundations – something that will require ‘patience’ and ‘time.’

Here’s what Staveley had to say when asked if the Mbappe’s of this world will be arriving on Tyneside anytime soon:

“We can’t do that, certainly not at the moment,”

“And also, it’s not sensible. You need to build a sustainable, viable club that can eventually survive on its own.

“We’re just here as caretakers, custodians, for a period of time.

“This club has been around since 1892. We want it to be around in another 100 years.”

The London-based businesswoman was then asked if we plan to replicate the success and ambition Man City have enjoyed since securing wealthy new owners:

“We all want to get to that point (Man City), but we need to put a lot of investment in place and we need to put foundations down.

“I’ve been speaking a lot about building blocks but the club really needs a huge amount of investment in every area, whether medical staff, the women’s teams, the academy – my god!

“I want people to look at us and say, ‘Newcastle have the ability to challenge for the top’, because it’s what the fans deserve.

“We haven’t won trophies and that yearning is there, but the important thing is building and that takes time and patience. But, yes, we can get there.

“We have big ambitions.”

Last but certainly not least, an excited Staveley vowed to make Newcastle United a club we can be proud of again, promising to listen and work ‘incredibly hard’ to bring success back to St James’ Park:

“I want Newcastle to be a club that fans can be proud of.

“I want us to make Newcastle deserve its fans.

“We will listen and work incredibly hard. It’s been a long four years. And now? It’s the difficult bit.

“I can’t wait.”

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3 thoughts on “Amanda Staveley’s warning to NUFC fans when asked about superstar signing & Man City

  1. We don’t expect big names BUT we need a MANAGER in ASAP

    Let Jones take control until a MANAGER is found

    If Amanda had been watching the absolute disaster on the pitch over the past 2 years she would sack the numpty ASAP – Ashley should have got rid of the clown weeks ago!

    Don’t be fooled by his drunken rambling as Aston Villa were and after wasting millions they ONLY started playing as a team once they sacked the Numpty!!

    Get him cleaning the cars – but don’t let him near any youngsters


  2. C.mon guys and girls give poor old Bruce a break, he got his lifetime job
    desire and is going home with a pocket fulla dosh, it wasn’t his fault entirely, as much as Ashleys who is interested in Derby Co. “god help them”!
    No he was not the man for the job any more than his predecesor’s who all came cheaply. like him.
    Lets face it, we won the lottery as far as a new competitive side is ours .as long as we conform with the Saudi’s, being they bought all of Newcastle also, without the fans realizing it !


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