Sky Sports issue Steve Bruce update after NUFC boss is spotted back on Toon training ground

Sky Sports have confirmed that Steve Bruce re-joined Graeme Jones in overseeing training at Newcastle United’s Benton base this morning.

The NUFC boss held face-to-face talks with Amanda Staveley for the first time yesterday, however Monday passed without him being given the sack.

Now, Sky Sports’ Keith Downie has issued an update on the situation, stressing that our new owners are ‘nice people’ and keen to hear Steve Bruce’s views on the club yesterday – suggesting they are eager to gain feedback on the squad and what needs to change before the inevitable takes place.

Also, Downie insists that it is ‘not contractually simple’ to change things quickly, stressing that patience is required from NUFC fans desperate to see him sacked.

Here’s what he’s had to say in a Tuesday morning update for Sky Sports:

Steve Bruce and Graeme Jones overseeing Newcastle United training this morning

I said this on air yesterday: the new owners are generally nice people and they are respectful – they want to do things properly.

It’s also not contractually simple to change things quick.

They were keen to hear Steve Bruce’s views yesterday.

Patience required from everyone

It’s also worth noting that Luke Edwards – a journalist for The Telegraph who’s close to Steve Bruce – insisted last night that he’s likely to leave on ‘good terms’ in the next ’24-48 hours’, with him being asked about the squad yesterday and thanked for keeping us in the Premier League over the past two seasons.

Bruce admitted last week that his days looked numbered at Newcastle, however any sour taste will soon be sweetened when he receives his £8m pay-off!

Here’s footage of the 60-year-old arriving back at the club’s Benton base earlier today:

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4 thoughts on “Sky Sports issue Steve Bruce update after NUFC boss is spotted back on Toon training ground

  1. the guy is a parasite, no love for the club only after the money. He cannot surely be anywhere near the team against spurs he adds nothing tactics or motivation. Pay him his blood money and get rid


  2. Why sack him? I would give him a new role in the club, we must have an under 12’s team that need a manager. Also make him work 5 days a week instead of his usual 3 and he would soon walk.


  3. We don’t expect big names BUT we need a MANAGER in ASAP

    Let Jones take control until a MANAGER is found

    If Amanda had been watching the absolute disaster on the pitch over the past 2 years she would sack the numpty ASAP – Ashley should have got rid of the clown weeks ago!

    Don’t be fooled by his drunken rambling as Aston Villa were and after wasting millions they ONLY started playing as a team once they sacked the Numpty!!

    Must agree with Mick = get him cleaning the cars – but don’t let him near any youngsters


  4. strange,newcastle had this crap before,ashley new nothing about football,just like them,
    i home i am wrong,but i have herd this crap before


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