NUFC make Steve Bruce call – The clearest sign yet he’ll be in charge vs Tottenham?

Steve Bruce looks increasingly likely to be in charge for Sunday’s game at St James’ Park, with Newcastle United informing journalists that he’s set to be on media duties for tomorrow’s press conference at 1.30pm.

The talk of the Toon last week was all about Mike Ashley’s exit and Saudi takeover announcement, however the key focus now is whether the new consortium will pull the trigger on an under-fire Bruce.

Over 90% of fans want him sacked, according to an NUST poll conducted a fortnight ago. Our poor start to the season has seen the pressure mount on Bruce as we sit 19th in the Premier League and without a single win.

Now, it has been confirmed that Bruce will face the media for his usual pre-match press conference – the biggest indication yet that he will remain as manager for Sunday’s clash with Spurs?

The presser has been scheduled in for 1.30pm – not the usual 9.30am – giving the club time to potentially change their plans and relieve him of his duties, however this suggests to me he’ll be in the dugout on Sunday, even if ‘things could change.’

He could well be preparing his “mic-drop” moment and announce he’s leaving during the press conference. After all, the questions he will face are inevitably going to be awkward so, if there was a time to do it, tomorrow is the day.

However, the most plausible outcome is that he will face the media tomorrow and be asked to take charge of one last fixture – his 1000th game as a manager.

3 thoughts on “NUFC make Steve Bruce call – The clearest sign yet he’ll be in charge vs Tottenham?

  1. 5,649 people responded to the poll you have referenced.
    I think it’s fair to estimate that there are AT LEAST 500,000 Newcastle fans both in the region and scattered around the country. Probably many more.
    So it is also fair to say that around 1 % of the club’s fan base were polled, and they were polled by an organisation actively trying to get Bruce out, so it’s hardly a shocker to see them hugely biased towards Bruce leaving.
    The figures ACCURATELY reflect that less than 1% of the Newcastle United fan base ticked the “kick Bruce out” box, so does that mean that 99% want him to stay? Obviously the answer is “no” but it’s no more ridiculous than trying to attribute any kind of meaning to an NUST poll.

    We had a poll in my house and 85% of those polled felt that I should be signed up as the Toons new striker on 120K a week.
    Only 85%.
    I won’t be speaking to the missus for a while.


  2. Was really looking forward to Sunday but not anymore if that clown is still going to be there the club owe him nothing


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