Steve Bruce sacking: D-day on Tyneside as Staveley waits on Saudis & fan fears grow

When Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi were spotted at the club’s training ground on Monday, many expected their ‘face-to-face talks’ with Steve Bruce to end in him being given the sack.

Just about every media outlet and local journalist had been reporting that it’s a matter of time until he’s relieved of his duties, with many stating that the new owners don’t want Sunday to be soured by his presence in the dugout.

All the signs pointed to Graeme Jones being the caretaker manager for this weekend’s clash with Spurs at St James’ Park, yet there’s now genuine fears Bruce will still be here if he’s not gone TODAY.

It’s been confirmed that he and the players are off today, giving our new owners the perfect chance to pull the trigger before the squad train on Friday and Saturday.

After all, he can’t be taking tomorrow’s penultimate training session and on press conference duties if he’s not going to be about for Sunday’s game? That’s the prevailing opinion on social media and I’d tend to agree.

So, what are we waiting for? Well, The Times revealed yesterday that Amanda Staveley and fellow UK-based board members (Mehrdad Ghodoussi and Jamie Reuben) must be given the green light from PIF governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan to sack Steve Bruce.

It seems there’s been delays on this front – which may explain the constant calls for ‘patience’ in their first full week as owners of Newcastle United – but time is running out if we’re to start this new era on Tyneside without you know who on the sidelines.

Today feels like decision day if he’s to go, so we’ll have to hope Staveley receives that all important call from Saudi, giving them to go ahead to sack Steve Bruce.

Luke Edwards (The Telegraph) reported last night that the uncertainty surrounding Bruce’s immediate future has left his coaching staff unsettled, also claiming that some players are ‘lacking in focus’ as they don’t yet know who will be managing the team ahead of such an important game this weekend.

Personally, I believe it benefits no one to have Bruce still in charge this weekend. Taking time to line up his long-term replacement is totally understandable, but why the long wait to sack a man who is incredibly unpopular inside St James’ Park and likely to sober up a few fans ready to celebrate the first game of this exciting new era on Sunday.

Not only that, it feels like we have a capable caretaker manager in Graeme Jones.

He won’t be the answer for any more than a couple of weeks, but with zero wins in seven games this season under the current head coach, he can’t do any worse and could have the freedom to put over a few fresh ideas.

If Steve Bruce doesn’t go today, you can almost guarantee he’ll survive for his 1000th game this Sunday.

Sadly, there’s no time for sentiment when we’re 19th in the league, without a win all season and hugely reluctant to start this new era with Mike Ashley’s sub-standard appointment still on the scene.

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8 thoughts on “Steve Bruce sacking: D-day on Tyneside as Staveley waits on Saudis & fan fears grow

  1. It ALL starts with getting the RIGHT Manager – with Bruce their it’s headless chicken time!

    Go and ask Aston Villa’s owners – they let the clown waste millions & AS SOON as they sacked him they started to play as a TEAM and immediately went up

    IF you stick with Bruce even for 3/4 games = until the transfer window – we’ll be going down into the championship!

    GET Frank Lampard in ASAP and show the Fans that you know a little more than ASHLEY

    We don’t want to see Bruce anywhere near the dugout from now on


  2. lampard won’t be much good as he had his first managerial position at chelsea and was sacked not long after. we shouldn’t get a trainee manager in as that is all lampard would be.


  3. Lampard was at Derby before Chelsea = where he did well and then he got the Chelsea job – he’s got something now to prove…

    …and the talk about certain other managers like Rodgers is just that = started by themselves to get a pay raise at their club and big it up they turned NUFC down to stay = hot air


  4. It is claimed that the Saudis see no benefit to putting in a caretaker, especially when the obvious choice has a worse managerial record than Bruce.

    You’ve just been made the richest club on the planet, and you can’t wait another few days for Bruce to leave.

    Sounds very spoiled brattish.


  5. I’m not really bothered if Bruce is in the dugout on Sunday. I’m sure we will get our new manager in due course.

    I’m more interested in seeing if the Sports Direct advertising is still there.
    Did Ashley strike a deal on the advertising for a discounted purchase price?


  6. Who cares if Bruce is still there on Sunday, his time is up but let’s not do it for the sake of it, all this Jones this and that how do you know that he isn’t already setting tactics etc, just cos Bruce fronts it up doesn’t mean coaching etc isn’t carried out by Jones.

    As for players lack of focus if they can’t focus on a game for their own performance and pride then those are the type of players we don’t need.

    The players are equally to blame as Bruce, Lascelles our captain has been poor this season and is keeping a far better player like Schar out the team, it’s time the players stepped up and pulled their socks up to, they must want to prove they are good enough to stay with us with all the new investment about to come,

    Let things happen when we secure the right person to take over.


  7. Hope we keep Bruce as manager. He’s a decent bloke and he’s doing a good job under difficult circumstances. He just needs proper financial backing.


  8. Can’t believe the lack of respect towards a man who has been a lifelong Newcastle fan, had no support from the fans, financial backing from the boardroom and had his tenure to date disrupted by Covid and injuries. Let’s not forget his team finished higher than Rafa’s did after his first season. Give him a crack with proper backing before jettisoning him. Any other club in the land would have given one of their own more support, yet NFC fans gave him none from day one. Not Bruce’s fault he isn’t Rafa. Not Bruce’s fault no-one else really wanted the job, working for Ashley. Given everything he has faced I think he’s done a good job. Yes, the team could be more attacking focused, ask Norwich fans how that is working out though… Back him, encourage his team and let them evolve into the team you want to see. If there’s no improvement after the January transfer window, towards the end of the season, then this is a debate worth having.


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