Premier League clubs launch unbelievable attack after Saudi takeover – but is it even legal?

So, apparently the Premier League Clubs have held an ’emergency meeting’ and eighteen of them have voted to ban our new Saudi-backed buyers from striking club sponsorship deals with companies related to the club’s owners.

How can they even do that? Especially after ‘The Big Six’ even tried to leave the Premier League last year…

This screams of them being very, very afraid that Newcastle United are about to bloody the noses of those that arrogantly believe they run the Premier League. They’ve had things far too easy and to their liking for far too long. Put simply they are terrified that we’re about to break the monopoly.

It smacks so much of double-standards and hypocrisy and furthermore shows just how corrupt the business of high-end football is. It is simply completely unacceptable that they were allowed to meet and come to such a decision.

Another CAT case on the horizon perhaps? That would surely shut them up. Plus, no matter what they’ve said, if companies, organisations and businesses want to do deals with our new owners who in reality can stop them?

Honestly, you couldn’t make up the vitriol and jealousy that has accompanied NUFC achieving their dream. Okay, I admit that KSA has an appalling human rights records and I totally disagree with some of their procedures and policies.

But that’s for politicians and Governments to sort out and not football club owners and officials who really should not get involved in things they don’t understand or can influence. Interesting that Manchester City abstained. They obviously took advice and realised what the others were doing was illegal and unlawful.

I’m no political expert nor do I need to be but I sincerely believe and think that some of those clubs that voted this so-called legislation in need to look very closely at where some of the money that funds their clubs comes from.

I’ll finish with another question. What are those Premier League Clubs going to do if and when Newcastle United come knocking on their doors offering millions for one of their players?

5 thoughts on “Premier League clubs launch unbelievable attack after Saudi takeover – but is it even legal?

  1. King Power stadium, Leicester FC, anyone?

    However, the PL approved the takeover by accepting Newcastle is NOT owned or Directed by the Saudi state. How on earth therefore can PL clubs dictate who sponsors us from Saudi Arabia?


  2. Absolutely disgusting this and needs to be addressed double standards is unprofessional and the head of the Premier league needs to stand down
    Also I haven’t a racist bone in my body and for kick it out to come and say wearing a head piece as a show of affection for the Saudis is racist is pure utter madness it’s just getting stupid now
    What is this world coming to it’s getting ridiculous


  3. exactly, I wouldn’t of thought this would make the slightest of difference

    While were on the subject will nobody buy a player from us or sell us one as they don’t want to do business with the Saudis ? hypocrites the lot of them

    one thing the last couple of weeks has shown us is the premier league have no stomach for court cases


  4. So nobody here thinks the 400 million pound sponsorship deal between City and Etihad was in any way dodgy.

    By the way Jeff, the “unbelievable” stuff is getting a bit boring.


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