Why so many NUFC rumours make so little sense since the Saudi takeover went through…

Anyone else getting tired of all these rumours and counter rumours about Managers and Players coming to The Toon? No, just me then!

Seriously though as, another day goes by and it appears no firm concrete confirmed appointments will happen the rumour mill cranks it up.

Now, I get that blogs like this one, podcasts, web articles and press reporters have to share and discuss what’s being said in the media, but it really is getting silly in my honest opinion.

The Manager situation I get. That is something probably worth reporting and debating. I’ll even give you speculating over what positions (not players!) we need to strengthen in January but, in reality, unless the owners are going to buy without consultation then player rumours are worthless.

Why? Easy! Surely whatever Manager comes in will be allowed to pick the players he thinks will best serve our cause and get us free of the relegation threat. I really can’t see any Manager coming in and being dictated to what players he can sign. What manager would do that?

Look, I could buy into links with Burnley’s James Tarkowski – he’s a solid centre-back who could be just what we need – but who’s to say the footballing men about to be brought in would actually want him?

This brings me to that other appointment we look like making. A Director of Football. Again, consider this. If we bring in a DoF then surely they will have a say in who the manager is or should be – and also influence the sort of signings we make as they shape the direction of our club moving forward.

At the very least they’ll want to ensure whatever Manager is coming is someone they can work with and feels is a good fit, making some believe a DoF should surely come first?

Even today the odds and names are changing. If you listen to one newspaper you’d say Rafa could yet make a dramatic return. If you listen to another we’ve apparently offered Erik Ten Hag a contract that would make him the third best paid manager in the Premier League.

Last week’s nailed on certainty Paulo Fonseca, the fan’s choice according to The Chronicle survey, is actually starting to drift in the betting – yet Italian reporter Fabrizio Romano still reckons he’s in the frame.

Eddie Howe seems to have disappeared completely. Frank Lampard, thankfully, seems to have been ruled out – but again that’s based on paper talk, so it’s hard to know what to believe right now.

Steven Gerrard has distanced himself from the job but then again when you have a job that is well paid and your well-liked what else are you going to say when asked. “Yes I love it here at Rangers but I’d much rather manage Newcastle!”

One name that hasn’t gone away, not that Fonseca has, is Lucien Favre – who was described as the new ‘favourite’ by German outlet Bild just yesterday (see what I mean!).

He’s someone I like after watching him on Amazon Prime’s excellent docu-series on Borussia Dortmund. But is he “sexy” enough for the new owners? How knows! He’s pragmatic and organised that’s for sure.

So, where does all of the above leave us? In reality, just with rumours, speculation, conjecture, opinions and guesses. Here’s a thought. Why not just all calm down and let things fall where they fall?

It will all happen when the owners are ready and feel it’s right. They are the only ones that can influence and decide. Yes, we all can say what we want and who we want but sometimes it’s the reality of a situation that we can’t influence that we need to consider.

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