“He’s looking shocking at the moment” – Toon legend slams Newcastle defender

Malcolm MacDonald has blasted Ciaran Clark’s current form at Newcastle as “shocking” amid calls for the defender to be dropped.

The Republic of Ireland international has started eight of our 10 games, being a part of a defence that has already conceded a whopping 23 goals this season.

Before Norwich’s drubbing to Chelsea last weekend, we had conceded the most in the top flight (19). It’s not got much better since then, however, with us fortunate to only concede one at Palace and shipping another three in Saturday’s 3-0 defeat to Chelsea.

Some supporters feel the more technically gifted Fabian Schar should be reintroduced to the fold, with Clark’s displays being called into action in recent weeks.

Former Toon number nine MacDonald agrees, and thinks we are not seeing the best of a player who has been “a great pro” for our club.

This is what he said while speaking on the NUFC Matters podcast:

“I think Ciaran Clark has been a great pro, not just for Newcastle, but over his career, great pro, at international level as well.

“He’s looking shocking at the moment, he’s looking unbalanced, he’s looking as if he can just be pushed around like a lightweight and he’s not showing the things that have made him an accomplished player.

“He’s not getting the ball, he’s not passing it. And I think ‘what is going on when a good, honest pro like Ciaran Clark is looking like a right duffer?’.”

Clark was bullied by Benteke at Palace and didn’t cover himself in glory once again over the weekend, looking shaky on the ball, slow to react and just generally unconvincing.

Fernandez and Schar must be wondering what they

3 thoughts on ““He’s looking shocking at the moment” – Toon legend slams Newcastle defender

  1. The whole left side of the defence is being exploited week in and week out, midfield also don’t know how to pass and keep the ball, same with St Max who loses possession far too easily. Some members of squad are getting older and slower and injury prone, not really their fault that Ashley did nothing to renew the squad in areas that have been crying out for a change.
    When you buy quality replacements this costs real money and when some quality players have been available at a reasonable amount Ashley spent it on House of Fraser.
    Van Dyke was available for £10 million when Southampton snapped him up from Celtic now a cornerstone of the Liverpool defence.
    We are where we are down to Ashley who seems to be the only one walking away from this mess with a smile on his face. Not a Bruce fan, but he had no chance under Ashley and should have known better than to work for him, although he still has an £8 million package to soften the blow, I’m sure he will get over it as he watches the cricket!


  2. He is a headless chicken at the moment BUT hold on….

    …it’s because he’s being left to try and do everything as we have an empty LB position as Richie is enjoying himself as a striker, Captain vacant jumping in and being left on the ground or just pushing people over in case he’s turned (!?)

    This IS a shambles = JONES has clearly been running the show all season and right now we NEED a Manager with his OWN team & a FULL clear out of Coaches!

    How on earth does Fraser even get onto the bench & Jones is showing that he’s more interested in playing friends as Playing the same 11 as at Crystal Palace (!!!!????)

    Jones and Bruce’s Coaching Staff Have to go asap = bet Bruce is calling his mates every day in training = well that would be once a week


  3. Remember last season when it was thought Jones had an influence on our up turn in fortunes but this season that has shown to be a fallacy. He couldn’t hack it as a manager at Luton and is way out of his depth at PL level. Both Lascelles & Clark should not be in the 1st team on current form and who on earth has turned Willock from being a forward threat to a defensive midfielder. Almiron not starting-I could go on; shambles!


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