New owners a “laughing stock” – Watch Simon Jordan launch new attack on Amanda Staveley

Hutchinson, The Terror of Motown

Simon Jordan has ripped into Amanda Staveley, labelling the new owners of Newcastle United a “laughing stock” following our failed attempts to appoint Unai Emery.

The former Crystal Palace owner, who has had previous altercations with Staveley on talkSPORT, blasted our new owner for appearing to brief the press too early, before any agreement had been reached with the Villarreal boss.

He also claims that Staveley has a history of allowing things to play out in the media, referencing last year’s takeover saga and those leaks stating Steve Bruce would be sacked before the Spurs game – only for him to remain in charge for the first game under new ownership.

It has now been over two weeks since Bruce moved on, with the Emery snub leaving supporters increasingly concerned that we still won’t have a new manager in time for Saturday’s trip to Brighton; our fourth game since the takeover went through.

Various outlets – including The Mail (Craig Hope) and The Times (Martin Hardy)- were reporting on Tuesday like they’d been told Emery’s arrival was imminent, yet the ex-Arsenal boss committed himself to the La Liga club in an official statement less than 24 hours later.

The 50-year-old is said to have been unimpressed by the leaks, especially when they came before a deal had been struck and just hours before his side’s crucial Champions League clash with Young Boys.

As a result, talkSPORT presenter Jordan thinks our new ownership have shot themselves in the foot:

Some of what Simon Jordan says may be true – the owners need to learn from this – but “laughing stock” is a bit rich from a man who called the takeover “deader than a dead thing from dead land” just a few weeks before it was passed by the Premier League!

9 thoughts on “New owners a “laughing stock” – Watch Simon Jordan launch new attack on Amanda Staveley

  1. Says the man who said the take over was “deader than a dead thing from dead land”, trying to divert attention away from his being a laughing stock.


  2. He s right Silencio until its done. No disrespect but why is wor Amanda picking managers, what experience does she have, Howe is not the answer, half the crowd dont want him and the pressure will be on, for me Rangnick and Farve would have been the answer. German work ethic and experience coupled with organisational skill. Rangnick is regarde as the daddy in Germany.


  3. it appears perhaps we are about to become The laughing stock of the Epl. I warned both sides the football crowd and the money people to please separate and only act in conjunction with each other, when required.

    However it seems their may be a struggle taking place , as who is to be the nominee of the footballing crowd by both parties, Look the deal was made as fast as could possibly be allowed, showing everyone the power generated by the Saudi’s in this world.They generate a certain power on the world stage, especially in regard to the UK, who they have a long relationship .And though they themselves were I believe taken aback by the sudden ‘ness of the takeover, their knowledge of the game itself, remains somewhat lacking, in which case those who have invested the least have an opportunity to take advantage for that reason.
    There is more to this deal than meets the eye, as most of us have surmised, unfortunately the Saudis now appear to being placed as the cause of things not going smoothly.
    And yes possibly the earlier deal with the Dutch team a general manager arriving with his already nominated Coach/Manger, though that proved to be unworkable because of their contract’s and the time involved’
    /////////// Not to worry open a Chanel to Rangnick and Farve mentioned byRaymond RAW above and you have the answer just as he stated with Rangkick’s experience and deal making abilities combined by Farves ability to manage the playing side , who knows or if they are aware of a better duo
    then it’s that simple let the experience of a general manager money wise and the techniques and knowledge of to-days players plus Favre’s knowledge of those youngsters approaching their prime it becomes a win win situation, but please don’t let any of those who have had prior experience In the matter, being they are really out of heir depth when it comes to rebuilding a club,
    Hey ! just ask John Henry.

    apolitical power


  4. it’s said that a good manager can get the best out of mediocre team… will be interesting to see what anyone could do with the squad we’ve got at the moment. but something has to be done ASAP……


  5. Who is Simon Jordon ,sounds like a very jealous man to me…we know who’s going to have the last laugh in years to come.


  6. It doesn’t matter what our new owners do ,the clowns will always have a dig .
    Amanda will be doing a great job to get our team up at the top
    Funny how all the other Premier league teams want to block everything we do .
    Get a life man


  7. Simone Who? What a load of ****. We waited 14 years for transition. Now that we have it. Patience is required. Jordan needs to talk **** so he can get an audience to pay his salary. I’m am a Newcastle supporter from South Africa and will back to New owners and show our support. All the haters out there are just worried that Newcastle will be the Super power of football in the near future.


  8. Has a Stoke fan and completely neutral I had to have my say. This clown just wants attention. He used to talk sense and that’s rare on talkshite these days.
    There’s nothing laughing stock about it. Every club in the land at some point will have tried to sign a new manager or player and failed. Personally I think NUFC have dodged a bullet.
    The main thing is staying up. Relegation would be an absolute disaster and I could see it happy under him. They need to goto war. I’d have appointed Pulis just to keep the club up until the end of the season. Then spend 6 months planning for next yr.

    Good luck


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