The awkward question Eddie Howe handled impressively during first NUFC press conference  

Picture this situation: you have one question to ask the new manager of Newcastle United during his first press conference at the club. What do you do?

Would you go straight in and ask him about human rights issues in Saudi Arabia… because that’s exactly what Tom Parmenter of Sky News did in his one and only question for Eddie Howe yesterday!

Better still, our new boss had already staved off the exact same question five seconds earlier as Keith Downie rounded off his dialogue by asking the exact same thing.

A debate that is more suited to the House of Commons rather than the St James’ Park press conference room, Howe did well to politely shut the reporter down, who had clearly come ready to dive head first into a non-footballing discussion that seemed fairly unsuitable for the 43-year-olds unveiling at St James’ Park.

Listen to Howe’s response when put on the spot by the Sky News reporter:

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