Has Christmas come early or will it arrive late at Newcastle United?

A typical blog from me asking confusing questions, but boy am I enthused right now.

Eddie’s presser this morning was inspiring. How good was it to see what he said and more importantly the manner in which he said it?

A proper manager/coach boosting his own players and giving the supporters something they want to hear and motivating all to bring a tremendous atmosphere and hope for tomorrow. I’m not sure about the players but he’s got me fired up and wanting to play tomorrow!

So, with the takeover done, the bad eggs gone and a fresh approach in place it does seem Christmas has come early. Let’s hope so. Three points tomorrow would be an immense way to start and a fabulous present for Eddie Howe’s Black and White Army to deliver.

Then we can look forward to Christmas or, perhaps for Toon fans for the first time in an awfully long time, we might be looking to get through Christmas as quickly as possible, expecting even more presents to fall our way in the New Year.

Santa Howe has a nice ring to it and I’m sure Eddie, his staff and whoever is in charge of recruitment will know exactly what they want and what they’ll go after when that time comes. I’m going to say a lot or at least a little more about it but the January sales are for once something to look forward too.

We can even afford to be fussy. We have been linked with so many players, many of which have ordinarily been beyond our means or hopes. The strategy from the media seems to be that we buy everyone and then no-one else can get any body to improve their squads!

It has been ridiculous to see the number and even some of the names we’ve been linked with. What I think we’ll get is signings designed to ensure that we have enough quality and experience to get enough points to stay in the Premier League. Nothing more than that.

Then we go from there and then perhaps every transfer window will seem like Christmas. All I know is, right now, less than 24 hours from our first Howe-y The Lads day, I have a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

Not a situation I’ve been in very often when thinking about The Toon!

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