Thank You, Eddie Howe

It may actually be a little bit too early for this and it may prove to be a false dawn as three games in even a new Manager hasn’t got that first win. Howe-ver, I have to say that it’s great to have Eddie around at the moment.

He’s definitely brought a breath of fresh air and optimism.

We may yet get relegated. If we did would I blame Howe? Well, much might depend on what he does in January but even then his message about that impending crucial month is one of sensible countenance and thoughtful comment. I’ll get to that later.

What he has done is build on the goodwill and atmosphere the arrival of the new owners has created. He speaks so well, so composed and seems to me to know the right thing to say in the right way at the right time and for once I look forward to hearing from our Manager.

His press conference this morning was sparkling. Praising players left, right and centre. Showing he appreciates the enormity of the task. Rallying the United call. The appointment of a senior players committee. It is all so refreshing and hopeful. We just need to start getting results!

Ashley gone, Bruce gone, Charnley gone, The Steve’s gone. It was and still will take time to turn it around but I believe we can although we have to start doing it sooner rather than later. But for me Howe has already shown he’s the man for the job and gives me a great deal of hope.

The final piece of evidence in the convincing jigsaw was his comments this morning about transfers and January. His words were thus.

“One of the first things I said in my press conferences was that we are going to be linked with so many players and 99% of what you read will be inaccurate.

Miguel Cabrera

“My focus has always been on the players we have here, from day one.”

“I will try to help them and coach them to become better footballers. So instead of looking externally, it’s looking internally. I’ve pleaded with everybody in the media to do the same because the only people who can get us out of the mess we’re in are the people in the building, not the outside.”

“January will come along and take care of itself. But I can assure everybody that it will be this group of players we need to give their best for the club to get us out of the position we’re in.”

Therein lies a great message. It says to me that he has faith in what he has and that he’s going to give them every chance to get us out of the situation. But, it also says to me that he knows what he wants in January and that focus will be to help the current crop not necessarily replace them all.

Early days and yes we still have no wins but at the moment I look forward to what Eddie Howe has to say and so I thank him for that.

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