Howe confirms Christmas is cancelled – Explains three reasons why in impressive interview

‘Call off Christmas!’ As the late great Alan Rickman once said in a very famous line in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, so lies Eddie Howe’s similar sentiments.

Howe was quoted as saying this in yesterday’s press conference:

“I don’t think this moment is the time for the players to be having a Christmas party,’ Howe said.

“We have had a gathering this week of staff and players, a meal together. But I don’t think with one, the fixture congestion, two, Covid and three, our league position, it is the time for that (players’ party).

“I will be trying to get the message to them to focus on the work and the games. That takes priority over anything else.”

Can this man be any more sensible? There’s precious little time left for NUFC to turn their situation around although after Brentford’s result last night against Watford we could actually move out of the bottom three with a win at Leicester.

A big ask I know but whilst it might be a cause for celebration I think we can wait until we contemplate such a gathering and event. Howe mentions COVID as well and the last thing we need right now is another burst of that disease to lay our Club low.

There are signs of recovery, slowly but surely so I’m with Eddie on this one as long as he allows us all to have a massive celebration party when we clinch our Premiership survival sometime in the New Year.

Until then let’s hope the players are 100% concentrated and ready for the festive season and perhaps tomorrow can bring an early Christmas present for us all.

One thought on “Howe confirms Christmas is cancelled – Explains three reasons why in impressive interview

  1. A complete change of writing style for Jeff King. Long words and everything!
    But can you spot what’s wrong with this sentence, “so lies Eddie Howe’s similar sentiments”?

    Definitely looking for a Chronicle gig!


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