The 8-second clip that proves blatant cheating from Leicester’s James Maddison – Video

We were awful yesterday and deserved to be beaten, but that doesn’t change the fact we were let down by VAR.

Five minutes before the break, James Maddison threw himself into Lascelles to buy his side a penalty. There was outrage on social media and bemusement all around that VAR couldn’t see that he’d dived.

Now, almost 24 hours later, a slow-motion clip has emerged to prove what a blatant piece of cheating it was from Leicester’s number 10.

As you can see below, Maddison is on his way down and mid-flight BEFORE he even gets to Lascelles. Also, it’s Maddison who initiates the contact, which only comes from him dragging that right leg into the skipper as he throws himself to the ground:

We played awfully in the end and completely collapsed in that second half, however the game might just have been different if we went into the break at 0-0.

If we can slow this video down and see it’s a clear and obvious dive, why can’t VAR?

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5 thoughts on “The 8-second clip that proves blatant cheating from Leicester’s James Maddison – Video

  1. Footballers cheat, who knew.
    The corrupt EPL use VAR to manipulate results who knew.

    How do you think Liverpool had such a dominant first half of their title winning season.


  2. I didnt think we played as badly as some people yesterday. What we had was a cheat creating that first goal. In addition he played his best game of the season by far and made a couple of killer passes that would have split most defenses let alone our bottom 6 of PL lot.

    I have watched a few Leicester games this season and the commentators were saying he has had a bad season by his standards. Of course, this changes when he plays NUFC.

    I think we were OK and individual errors cost us as well as some Maddison Sh!thousery and brilliance. We didnt create enough clear cut chances though and that has to be addressed. We had plenty of shots but they were mostly difficult chances that were blocked or easily saved.

    I agree with Eddie that 4-0 was not a true reflection of the game but if Bruce had said that I would have been all over him 🙂 I havent seen enough of Howe to know if he usually makes excuses so I will let this pass. I just dont need another excuse machine like Bruce or Pards, so dont make a habit of passing the buck Eddie.


  3. Did they even do a VAR check? Usually it takes ages between an incident and taking the penalty. Yesterday, it was like the days before VAR and it was taken almost immediately. Lascelles is the Captain as well, he should have been in the Ref’s face. Maybe he wasnt because he is on 4 yellows and another would mean a suspension?


  4. OK – MAYBE Maddison took a dive for the penalty, but it’s nothing new.
    How many times in a match does St Maximin run out of space on one of his runs and throw himself to the ground in desperation, looking at the ref and holding his hands up?
    So what about the second goal? Or the third? or the last one?

    Fans claim we run out of steam and give goals away. I think it’s nearer the truth that the opposition just turn up the wick a bit, and when they are really pushing it, they are just too good for us.
    We just have to hope that by January we’re not too far behind.


  5. I wouldn’t have blamed Saint-Maximin for doing the same thing; we all know it’s part of the game now, lad.

    Heck, I’d even prefer we were good at engineering our own luck.


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