Saudi consortium’s spending over the next 3 years now explained in brilliant new video

Due to revised FFP (financial fair play) rules and attempted changes relating to club sponsorship, exactly how much Newcastle United’s new owners would be able to invest in the club has been the subject of much debate, both in the media and among fans.

In particular, it seemed unclear whether the rules (now known as Profitability and Sustainability rules) could seriously limit our expenditure on players now we’re the richest club in the world.

However, a new video released by The Athletic (see below) reveals the club will be in a healthier position than many first thought…

In short, it is estimated Newcastle could spend approximately £505m over three years and still stay within the new rules (and that figure does not include expenditure on infrastructure academy, women’s football and community activities).

So it seems the necessary spend on players, agent fees and increased wages required to turn Newcastle into a club that can (hopefully) compete near the top of the Premier League WILL be available and the new P&S rules will not prevent such significant investment.

It will take a lot of hard work by the board, the manager / coaching staff and players (and no small amount of luck), but over time we can hope to see the new NUFC every fan of the club deserves.

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