Dear VAR: What do you really stand for?

Very Average Routine? Virtually Always Redundant? Vicarious Appalling Rewind? Or insert your own. I mean what’s the point.

I guarantee that if Ryan Fraser smashes into Ederson with the ball gone and cleans him out then it’s a free kick to City and a yellow card for Fraser. WHICH IT SHOULD BE! So why not the other way around? I honestly do not have an answer to that question.

Even in real-time at full speed I shouted penalty at the screen. When nothing was given I wasn’t worried as I knew VAR would intervene. When it didn’t I was incredulous. Simply couldn’t believe it. How on earth could Atkinson and Pawson (more of him later!) ignore it.

I haven’t heard a single pundit, former official or another Club agree with the decision. I even listened to Radio Newcastle on Monday night when Sunderland fans even rang in and said it was a penalty and they would have been furious if it hadn’t been given for them!

Now, Toon fans believe it’s a conspiracy. It’s hard not to agree with them especially when you throw in Mike Dean’s performance at Liverpool as well. Once again no resort to VAR and a magnificent dummy run as well for Alexander-Arnold’s goal.

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That’s not forgetting him allowing Jota’s equaliser – which came after a clear head injury – and not awarding a penalty for the challenge on Fraser as well. Not just making obvious decisions but also not going to VAR to check them or VAR checking them and letting Dean know he was wrong.

As for the Maddison penalty award, don’t get me started. VAR did look at that and decided that he hadn’t dived and Lascelles had brought him down! You couldn’t make this all up and it’s no wonder that the conspiracy feeling abounds.

Now I read that NUFC are going to write to The Premier League and complain about the officiating. They have sat down considered it and felt they can’t stay silent. Not a rant and rave from the Club just a well-constructed respectful thought about how they feel they are being treat.

Then to cap it all we have Craig “No Need For VAR” Pawson appointed as referee for the Manchester United game. Honestly, as I keep saying, you couldn’t make this all up and film producers would reject the screenplay saying it’s too far-fetched.

Last word on VAR, for now! If Robertson deserved his red card in Sunday’s 2-2 draw between Spurs and Liverpool then what of Harry Kane’s challenge? Protect those that you want to protect and persecute those that you don’t like seems to be the order of the day.

Look, Premier League, we’re the richest football club in the world and even if we get relegated we’ll be back and stronger. You simply can’t ignore us; we’re not going away and you’re going to need a lot of help next season if we stay up this season. Simply put, We Are United!

6 thoughts on “Dear VAR: What do you really stand for?

  1. The BBC did a podcast after our game on Sunday. The participants were a journo who I had never heard of, Nigel Reo-Coker and Carlton Cole. They ALL AGREED that the Fraser wipeout was NOT a penalty. You can listen to it if you want, I think they keep them for a few weeks.

    When I listened, I couldnt believe what I was hearing. They were repeating the line that the ball was gone so it couldnt be a penalty. The host didnt even question their logic. How hard would it have been to say that if someone kicked someone in the knackers 50 yards away from the ball would that be a foul?

    It reminds me of that Harry Enfield skit where a player fires a bazooka at another player and then claims innocence.


  2. Reo-Coker and Carlton Cole are 2 of the stupidest pundits I have ever listened to. They make Danny Murphy seem bright.


  3. VAR is not to blame – it’s the on field refereeing first and foremost.
    Thereafter it is the way VAR is used. When you use a term like ‘clear & obvious’ – how do you get consistency?!.
    Using the Spurs v Lpool game as a prime example – why did VAR suggest the ref review the Robertson yellow card when he’d already made his decision, but didn’t for the earlier Kane foul? – and why is it that no referee has stuck with their own original decision after reviewing. As soon as they go to the monitor it’s nailed on the decision is changed.

    It works so well in sports like cricket, Rugby and tennis – it blows my mind that they just can’t get it right in a sport where these decisions can be so much more financially costly.


  4. Sharpy, mate. It gets even worse when you think back. Bournemouth went down instead of Villa because of faulty goal line technology. Even when it works well almost all the time the PL still find a way to mess things up.


  5. Of course it wasn’t a penalty.
    If Fraser had attempted to follow Cancelo and been wiped out, maybe he would have got the decision but he didn’t even bother trying to follow Cancelo and the ball, instead he went for the penalty.
    We have to be a bit less obvious in our manipulation of the officials.


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