A transfer message to Newcastle’s new owners: More Trippiers, less mercenaries

We all know that the 7th October 2021 may well have been the biggest moment in the history of NUFC as a new book opened on the story of the boys from St. James Park.

Three months later Friday 7th January 2022 possibly saw the first chapter completed and marked a huge change in emphasis.

Newcastle United paid £12m for a 31-year-old Right Back in the first week of the transfer window. Something unheard of during the previous owners’ regime and showing just how much business United’s new owners mean.

Not just any old right-back either. A current England international no less in the form of Kieran Trippier who actually captained his country in the same month that The Toon were taken over. What a statement that is and the week has been buzzing with amazing thoughts of who will be next.

For me, we need and want more guys like Trippier, who seem to be coming for the right reasons, as they understand club / the project and will buy into managers plans.

We must NOT chase too hard for people like Lucas Digne – who isn’t ‘sold’ on a move to Newcastle and looks set to join Aston Villa instead – or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Players like that are either clearly not keen, preferring to hold out for other offers first or looking for a big last payday and an escape from their current club where they are in dispute. Anthony Martial possibly falls into that category as well.

No, what we need is either players that want to prove they’re good enough to play in the Premier League and are champing at the bit to get games. Orgi and Nketiah come to mind or players with ability and potential like Botman and Carlos.

What we clearly need is players that are willing to battle and fight for the shirt that appreciate we’re in a relegation scrap and have a chance to cement places in the side, keep us in the Premiership and then hit the ground running next season as we look to progress this exciting project.

What we don’t want is mercenaries who stand out like a sore thumbs when it comes to attitude in dressing room especially when the going gets tough. The exorbitant wages that they are likely to be on which could cause issues and the lack of effort and work rate for a Club they don’t believe in.

Whatever happens in the last three weeks of the transfer window, one thing is for sure. It’s going to be so fast paced and busy that we’ll hardly have a second to breathe let alone relax in the coming hectic days ahead.

By the end of January we’ll surely have a better idea of where we’re heading. Hopefully it’s on the road to survival with several quality signings who are both up for the fight and aware of what it means to play for this great club.

One thought on “A transfer message to Newcastle’s new owners: More Trippiers, less mercenaries

  1. This is hilarious.
    Just because Trippier sits in front of the press and says he was here for the challenge you claim he’s here for the right reasons?
    But is he?
    According to Trippier, he’s here because he wanted to move back to the north of England, where he wants to be with his family.
    Geography? Is that the right reason?
    Did you really expect him to stand in front of the press and say “I’m here for the money”?
    Do you expect ANY footballer to do that?
    Have you ever seen any footballer do that?
    You don’t know how many discussions Trippier had with Newcastle about money.
    You don’t know how much they offered and how much he demanded.
    You don’t know that he’s any different from Digne.
    And your opinion of Digne is probably shaped more by what Benitez has been saying about him not wanting to play for Everton, than by reported salary demands. Benitez is a smart cookie. He’s playing the Everton fans the same way he played us.
    As for mercenaries, would you rather go down with our current squad who “get the club”, or stay up with the aid of a handful of highly paid stars who at least know where the net is.
    Do you honestly believe that Ginola, Robert, Nobby Solano, Hatem Ben Arfa, Demba Ba and Cisse signed because they “got the club”?
    With very few exceptions every footballer is a mercenary. Whether they move on for money or medals it’s all about what they want. MacDonald, Cole, Beardsley, Gascoigne, Waddle.
    The only true exception that I can think of is Matt Le Tissier, who despite big cash offers from the likes of Man U and Liverpool, stayed at Southampton his entire career.
    Don’t kid yourself. It’s got nothing to do with getting the club, and everything to do with money and medals.
    Otherwise what is the benefit of being the richest club in the world?


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