Burnley fans react to news Chris Wood is set to sign for NUFC – Very interesting comments

So, Chris Wood is on the way to Newcastle United after the club activated the striker’s surprise release clause at Burnley.

Some are saying it’s £20m, other outlets reckon it’s £25m, however the facts of the matter are that the player is now on his way the Tyneside and set for a medical; allowing him to sign before Saturday’s crucial clash with Watford.

The move not only sees us sign a Premier League proven striker who has got into double figures in each of his last four seasons, but also weakens a big relegation rival in Burnley.

As a result, we’ve headed over to Burnley forum ‘Up The Clarets‘ to see how they’ve reacted to the news.

Here’s what they’ve had to say, with us finding a wide range of responses (mainly angry ones) from Burnley supporters:

If the release clause was 20 million they had our pants down

I’d be amazed if a starting 11 striker came in this month. The squad, regardless of Woods recent form is nothing short of shambolic now. This is us accepting our fate, unless someone is going to come in and score 6-8 goals minimum and Newcastle somehow implode.

Wow, looks like we have thrown the towel in. Dyche will go shortly as well I would imagine

Chris Wood has been awful this season but the service into him has been much worse.

He’s been absolutely disgraceful this season so don’t worry about it too much. Lennon was better up front and he’s a 34 year old winger. Might allow us to build the squad up a bit as well.

A player of his age in the worst form since he arrived and we have got £20mil for him. We have finally learned to maximise value on players rather than let them run contracts down and go for free and some are saying it’s bad news.

I’d like to know of a better striker available for £20m…

I’d be interested to hear from Dyche on this matter. No way would he be happy to lose Wood.

Don’t know why Wood is being so hyped up now. Yes he scored a lot in the last 4 years and I always defended him but now, this season, he’s been awful.

Unbelievable….. I hope we have a suitable replacement lined up.

Lad has been utterly woeful this season and I don’t think we were staying up anyway so £20m is a good fee.

Spend some money. Or we’re down!

Whoever set that release clause, clearly doesn’t understand what release clauses are for. We’ve been had here massively.

Perfect move from Newcastle. Weakens us, and gives us one fit striker for the two biggest games of our season. Anything less than a win v Watford probably sees us relegated.

Personally, Wood might get you 10 a season but his ability to offer nothing else in games might cost you scoring 20. This season he’s been gash. Think we’ll look back in a season or two and feel we had there pants down. Trippier swinging balls into him is a worry though.

My vision of the rebuilding of the frontline didn’t factor in the only quality striker leaving…

Awful news. Losing him bad enough, losing him to rival is tragic.

Scored double figures regularly, finished last season very well 9/15 or something and is our best current striker (cornet not a striker). He leads our line and as seen when he came off v Leeds and Huddersfield we got even worse without him on the field. He splits opinion but for me this is really bad news and anyone who thinks the likes of Dykes or Moore could replace him will be sadly disappointed.

So, some are fuming, some feel like this has all but sealed relegation, some wonder if Dyche will walk as a result and some feel it may actually be good news, believing the 30-year-old has been ‘awful’ so far this season.

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5 thoughts on “Burnley fans react to news Chris Wood is set to sign for NUFC – Very interesting comments

  1. 3 goals for the 1st half of the season. Looking forward to the next 3 goals between now and May😂😂 😐


  2. Bookmark this page so when he does th ejob for us i can ocme back and insult you the way you need to be insulted. You’re not fans of this club. All you want is a named player.
    This guy is a poacher and a proven player that can put the ball in the net when it comes to him without hesitation. If you were a toon fan you would know that’s what we need. Gayle who is a very similar box player but is headlles can, he can go for 5 to ten million so that’s not to bad.
    If you look at the team at the moment we need this type because trippier can feed him and if its not crosses its holding it up for Maximin to do his thing.
    He will do the business!


  3. Well said Adam totally agree with you honestly some of our fans or so called fans on this blog can’t believe the negative comments they post


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