Last-chance saloon at Newcastle United: The time for new signings is NOW!

I am so aware that writing blogs is a dodgy occupation. No sooner have you put out your words then something happens to make your words short-lived but as I type midway through Monday I find two things strange.

Firstly, I haven’t seen too many new names linked to us today. Probably by the end of the day I will have! Secondly, I’ve heard no more major news on Carlos or updates about any other transfers that may be in the offering. It seems to have gone noticeably quiet indeed. But has that got me worried?

Reason being…speculation, rumours and anything else spread across Social Media really does at times get ridiculous and it’s a massive game of one-upmanship for me. People desperate to be the first to ‘get’ the right message. So much of it is a waste of time and sometimes silence is golden with these things.

However, this is my take for now! I’m still gutted about Saturday. Not because we didn’t hold on, not because we were woeful despite our new injection of talent or that Watford were probably worse than us. Just gutted that we didn’t win our third must-win game under Howe (Brentford and Norwich being the others.)

I could hope it’s a big wake up call to Howe and owners – we need to bring in more leaders, more quality and players able to step up in many ways or we’re doomed. Not that I for one minute think that Eddie and The Owners don’t know that.

They do but seem to be finding it increasingly hard to bring someone in OR at least someone they want and feel that could change the dynamic and help us out. Never have we ever realised just how difficult the January window is. But, we simply have to make a breakthrough.

We seem to be drinking in the last-chance saloon every day. Every game is a must-win and the most vital one yet. It’s hard to believe that after failing to beat Southampton, Leeds, Brentford, Norwich and Watford at home that we’re incredibly lucky we are still in with a very real chance of staying up.

The bookies, who don’t often get it wrong, have us staying up (JUST!). That judgement I believe is based on that the time for results / more new signings has to come NOW and that we will make signings of quality.

With Leeds and Everton next, we need signings in this week and wins to follow or else! Both of them are winnable games but then so many before were too.

Howe now has one win in ten. Yet, I still believe in him and would rather have him than Bruce and Rafa. But the TIME HAS COME and is NOW.

One thought on “Last-chance saloon at Newcastle United: The time for new signings is NOW!

  1. I was hoping that after the takeover the powers-to-be would start looking immediately for signings and have them ready to start recruiting as soon as the jan. window opened, I am a bit disappointed at the present position indeed I am thinking are we going to get anybody in. I can understand players being reluctant to join a team in the relegation zone but if enough money is throne in a few decent players might take the risk and join us. The longer this goes on the more games are played and the more trouble we will be in so my message to the leaders is get players in pronto.


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