Russell Brand discusses Saudi takeover on True Geordie podcast – Has he hit nail on the head?

I didn’t expect to be writing an article on this today, but after listening to the latest episode of the True Geordie podcast, I felt Russell Brand’s view on the Saudi takeover was one worth sharing.

Essentially, Brand insists that football has now become a ‘commercial entity’, believing it would have been hypocritical of the Premier League to draw the line at Saudi Arabia when you see how Dubai – another Middle East country with a poor human rights record – have been allowed to take over at Man City.

He also insists that ‘systems of economics’ and transfers of wealth have now been prioritised above all else throughout the industry, suggesting this deal is simply a symptom of the beast that’s been allowed to be created.

The takeover may not sit right with some people, but money has been put ahead of morals up and down the Premier League (and up and down the country!) for years now, so to suddenly take a stand when it involves little old NUFC may seem inconsistent.

Here’s Brian’s question and Brand’s response when discussing the controversial takeover on Tyneside (you can watch their brief chat about Newcastle United from 1:07:52 onwards via the clip below):

True Geordie:

What do you make of that? The fact Newcastle have been bought by a country that doesn’t necessarily promote all the friendliest of values, shall we say…

Russell Brand:

It’s a bit like what we’re saying about the Conservative party.

We know what football is. It’s a commercial entity, like all things are.

“Where are you drawing the line? ‘Not Dubai, but Saudi Arabia…

“The fact is that the systems of economics that we have prioritised and privileged now chew through human life if that’s what they need to do, so I don’t think you can make a special case [to deny the takeover].

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3 thoughts on “Russell Brand discusses Saudi takeover on True Geordie podcast – Has he hit nail on the head?

  1. Russell Brand can’t really say anything else when he supports a team that has been bank rolled by a pair that made their wealth from the porn industry 🤷🏼‍♂️.


  2. Brand obviously has not spent much time in either Saudi or Dubai.
    Dubai still has a lot of work to do but it is eons ahead of Saudi.
    Where do you draw the line? How about at decency , mate!


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