NUFC co-owner hits back after bizarre Kieran Trippier claims arrive from Gabby Agbonlahor

Gabby Agbonlahor has launched a strange attack on Kieran Trippier after the injured defender travelled down to Brentford with his Toon teammates – and it’s been shot down brilliantly by NUFC co-owner Jamie Reuben!

After signing from Atletico Madrid in January, the right-back has had a huge impact both on and off the pitch, but has been sidelined in recent weeks after suffering a broken metatarsal in last month’s win over Aston Villa.

Unable to play at the weekend, Trppier was seen leaving the team bus on crutches as well as being part of the dressing room photo following Newcastle’s 2-0 victory in the capital.

Talking to Football Insider, Agbonlahor has now openly criticised Trippier’s decision to travel down, asking if he is “just playing to the cameras” and to “stay home, rest, with your foot up.”

Here’s Reuben’s brilliant response on Twitter, followed by ‘Agbonlabore’s’ ridiculous comments in full:

“I don’t understand that, to be honest, I think that’s strange. People will see that as amazing because he’s supporting the team but I see it as silly.

“You’ve got an injury, you’re on crutches, you should be at home with your feet up to rest the injury not struggling around on such a long trip to Brentford.

“I don’t see the point in that. If it’s an injury where you are not on crutches and are fine to walk that’s different.

“You’re on crutches, are you doing that for the cameras? Stay home, rest, with your foot up. It doesn’t make sense at all.”

While the defender may not feature in the squad, he has publicly expressed his desire to help Eddie Howe in any way he can.

Sadly, it seems like Gabby doesn’t understand the meaning of true leadership and instead has found a way to criticise Trippier’s efforts to make an impact off the pitch!

2 thoughts on “NUFC co-owner hits back after bizarre Kieran Trippier claims arrive from Gabby Agbonlahor

  1. Maybe Tripps is also just a fan of football and fancied watching his team with some of his mates/our players. Trippier has a protective boot on in the picture so I am not sure how he would damage his foot more by going to the game.

    I have seen Warren Barton comment on Agbonlahor and he has openly said he thinks he is a bit thick.


  2. A failed footballer and a failed commentator on a failed radio station. You can tell how jealous he is, his bottom lip shows a child strop.


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