Simon Jordan hits nail on the head in new rant on Saudi scrutiny aimed at NUFC – Watch here

Just minutes after Sunday’s defeat at Stamford Bridge, Eddie Howe was asked by a journalist to give his view on news that 81 men had been beheaded in Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

He refused to comment, yet he’s now been berated by many in the media, with one headline in The Times reading, ‘Eddie Howe is just as complicit in sportswashing as his bosses.’

Now, talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan has weighed in with his view on the matter – and he’s hit the nail on the head.

As he explains in the two videos below, there is no consistency when it comes to the questioning of Saudi-owned business. Eddie Howe is constantly quizzed on the matter, but where is the scrutiny towards Twitter, HSCB, Land Rover, Jaguar, Oxford University and Disney; who all benefit from Saudi funding.

He also points out that the Premier League believe there is separation between the PIF and the Saudi state – something the media are happy to report on – yet these same journalists will ask questions as if Howe is complicit.

You can watch both of Jordan’s arguments below:

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One thought on “Simon Jordan hits nail on the head in new rant on Saudi scrutiny aimed at NUFC – Watch here

  1. Yeah fair play to Simon Jordan. Jim White is a complete t!t – he’ll keep driving a narrative but as soon as he’s challenged on it his response is ‘I’m here just to ask the questions’.

    He’s a clown – as is anyone who believes Howe is as complicit as his owners. What a disgraceful accusation!!.


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