Journalist asks Saudi owners to clarify spending plans – Claims NUFC fans could be in for a shock

Last month, The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards released a piece on Newcastle United’s spending plans, claiming Eddie Howe will be given £60m plus cash raises from player sales this summer.

Supporters seemed reluctant to believe the ‘richest club in the world’ would spend so little in their first summer in charge, with Sky Sports’ Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson also surprised to hear such a modest figure mentioned.

Speaking on the BBC’s Football Daily podcast this week, Edwards has double down on his transfer ‘exclusive’, insisting that a gradual rebuild is on the cards and reality check needed.

He believes NUFC fans will be disappointed if they expect £200m spends and superstar signings anytime soon, feeling the new owners may have to come out and explain their business model moving forward to realign expectations on Tyneside.

Here’s what he’s had to say when asked what we can expect to see moving forward:

“They don’t want that instant success, they’re going to build gradually.

I think top 10 next season will be seen as success. I don’t think they’re going to spend millions and millions this summer.

“I think people out there who are going to do this fantasy football stuff, saying that they’re going to go off and sign these superstar signings, ‘they’re going to spend £200m’ – there’s a slight detachment from the dream and the reality of how things are going to happen at Newcastle.

“It’s not up for me to say that, I have these conversations with people in private, I’ve done stories about it in The Telegraph.

“But actually at some point, the owners are going to have to come out and talk about what the business model is, what they want to achieve.”

Amanda Staveley has stressed that PIF are long-term investors, but also admitted in one of her first interviews at the club that ‘time and patience’ is needed.

She was also quick to pour cold water on links with Kylian Mbappe, insisting it would not be possible or sensible to bring in huge names just yet.

Who knows, the club could go out and spend much more than Luke Edwards is expecting this summer, however it’s wise to remember that our new owners seem intent on sustainable investment that will allow every aspect of Newcastle United to grow year on year.

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4 thoughts on “Journalist asks Saudi owners to clarify spending plans – Claims NUFC fans could be in for a shock

  1. Hmm, selling the project to players.
    Ashley, ‘relegation battle every year, but you’ll be playing in the best league in the world.’
    Luke Edwards ‘we will be aiming for a top half finish, don’t expect European football anytime soon’
    Reality. ‘We expect to qualify for European football next season. Hopefully champions league but might be Europa.


  2. “They don’t want that instant success”. Poppycock. Everyone wants instant success, the difference being; the Saudis have the cash to make it happen. Has Luke Edwards REALLY been talking to the Saudi Royal Family and have they REALLY told him their spending plans? I think not.


  3. Luke edwards always tries to make out a story that Newcastle fans are in fantasy or have too much expectations … he is a hack who don’t like Newcastle but is employed to write about them .. he has been wrong on just about everything .. ignore


  4. I feel strange reading this page. On the one hand the person being quoted as having some “amazing info” is just repeating what the owners already said publicly. Amanda and Co said they aren’t in it for instant success and they want to build… So I don’t understand why this is something people don’t already know.

    And on the other hand there are total muppets in these comments who somehow seem surprised by this totally public, totally transparent owners business plan that has already been discussed.


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