Liverpool now request new kick-off time vs Newcastle as Jurgen Klopp’s rant escalates – Video

According to reports, Liverpool have now made an official request to the Premier League for their upcoming match against Newcastle United to be pushed back.

The game is currently due to take place at 12.30pm on Saturday 30th April, however Jurgen Klopp is asking for TV broadcasters and top flight chiefs to move it back to 7.45pm that night.

This comes from The Athletic and The Mail, who report that the Reds boss believes his players need more time to recover from their Champions League semi-final clash with Villarreal on Wednesday 27th April.

Jurgen, what about the fans who will have booked hotels, trains, taken full days off work and made plans around a game that’s been scheduled for an early kick off for several weeks now? We had it much worse during that run of four games – and THREE consecutive away games – in the space of 12 days in March.

Hopefully the Premier League ignore his request. If they’re consistent, they surely will, but we know how ‘big six’ bias tends to work!

Here’s what the German had to say in his shameless rant yesterday:

“If you want to cause us problems you send us to 12.30 at Newcastle.

“I don’t understand it.

“I can understand that people want to see a football match between Liverpool and Newcastle…but I don’t see why any team should have an advantage or a disadvantage.

“The league and the broadcaster really have to try at least to help.

“We will see. I haven’t heard anything yet. Nobody from BT contacted me yet.

“But I’d say common sense would tell you that it’s probably the right thing to do to move the game slightly backwards.”

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