How should Newcastle approach the summer transfer window?

Newcastle had a highly successful January transfer window this season.

With the club looking like they could be drawn deeply into the relegation battle, a couple of smart transfers along with a managerial change meant that we were able to pull away from trouble and look on course for a solid mid-table finish.

However, should the summer transfer window be approached in a different manner to the January window? We’ve analysed the state of the squad to see what we should be looking for this summer.

A similar strategy

It’s safe to say that we’re likely to significantly strengthen the squad over the summer. We are unlikely to be drawn into the relegation battle next season, this is something you can learn easily enough if you compare bookies. They very rarely get the odds wrong when it comes to what’s likely to happen.

So, some may feel that it’s best for us to go all out in the summer and bring in some big names. However, in our view, it’s best to follow a similar strategy to January. Sensible additions that address the deficiencies in the squad is the way forward. Of course, this should be supplemented with high-level players such as Bruno where they are available.

So, what do we need to look at in the summer?

A leader at the back

We’re missing a leader. A player who can raise the quality of those around him by 5-10%. While there are a number of those players out there, we’re perhaps not in a position to attract players at the very top of the game right now. Money won’t always grab the attention of players looking for Europe. This is why we need to look at clubs who are near to us in terms of stature and league position and bring in players who can help us to move to the next level.

One such player is Conor Coady. He’s been a rock for Wolves over the last four years and his form has helped him get a call up to the national side. However, it’s not his defensive abilities that we really need. It’s his leadership qualities. Coady can help to organise the players in our defence and will help to add some much-needed steel to our backline.

A superstar

Look, this might seem outlandish, but Eden Hazard is available this summer. Not just that, it looks as though Madrid will let him go for less than £30m. This is now nothing to us.

If we could persuade Hazard that our project is the right one for him, it could be the most mutually beneficial transfer possible. It could help Hazard to rebuild his reputation as one of the best players in the world and it will help us to achieve our goals of making it back to the top table in Europe.

This one might seem too far at the moment, but the ambition our board has means that this should be the level of player we aim for.

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