The little things I love about this new-look NUFC as the quality content just keeps on coming!

It’s class being a United supporter at the minute, isn’t it?

The football is once again enjoyable, we’re winning games again (ELEVEN in 2022 already feels insane), we have owners willing to invest and challenge for cups and titles, and St James’ is rocking every week.

These big picture things are leading the way when it comes to the buzz around Newcastle United, but the smaller things are almost as important.

The team photos

We’ve covered them before on the blog, but they’re a source of pure joy. What’s even more fun is how much rage they instil in the supporters of the teams we beat. Leicester supporters were apoplectic that we’d dare to post a dressing room photo of players celebrating with no trophy to show for it.

“Did they win something?” said one irritated Leicester City account on social media.

Just the game – and that’s enough.

The photo that featured our new owners after the Palace win was special. Could you ever imagine Mike Ashley getting involved with the squad like that? I’ve been told it’s something that Howe brought in at Bournemouth to bring the players together and it’s definitely working.

Our owners, players and club account on social media

Maxi has long been our funniest player on social media, but it’s cracking to see other players and even the owners get involved too. It feels like they’re part of the supporter base and this level of engagement is unheard of to us!

From Jamie Reuben’s “AgbonlaBORE!!!” tweet to Matty Targett commenting that Bruno and Joelinton were dancers but he was a drinker under an Instagram photo, everyone associated with the club is a joy to behold on Twitter and beyond.

Whoever runs the club’s official social media accounts needs a pat on the back too. Objectively, this must be the best job in the world right now!

Posting videos and photos of countless unreal goals and player celebrations is the dream. And if you haven’t yet engaged with the NUFC TikTok account, it’s an absolute hidden gem.


You cannot beat a 95th minute winner 🤩🤩 #NUFC #PL #brunoguimaraes

♬ original sound – Ian Asher
(Side note: I’m probably responsible for about half of the 644k views on this video.)

I love waking up the day after a matchday and just re-indulging in the previous day’s match, fellow Twitter supporters, and seeing all the daft content from owners, players, and the club accounts.

Individual moments of brilliance

We’re winning for fun at the minute, and that’s class. But the manner in which we’re winning is delectable.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Almiron supporter, but I was still floored by his goal against Palace and his little chip to himself down the wing. I sit in the Leazes, so my view was perfect for the goal, and the moments after it felt like I was frozen in time.

Then we saw moments of pure brilliance from Bruno and Joelinton at Norwich. These players are clearly enjoying their football at the minute and, although we can grind out tough results, we’re winning with flair more often than not.

Even fans are showing moments of utter brilliance. Just look at Wor Flags, the Leazes runner (see below), the inflatable cats away at West Ham and those lads turning up to games with custom made Joelinton shirts!

Daft player interviews

I love hearing every one of our players speak at the minute, because I love pretty much every single member of the squad. But then you get the especially daft content, like micing Sean Longstaff up during training and Burn and Fraser’s game of “never have I ever”.

From Ryan Fraser lighting up at being touched by Ronaldo and breaking his heart at Avengers: Endgame to Burn confessing he’d practiced the floss in the mirror and calling topless mirror selfies criminal (correct), the entire video is a crease!

But genuinely the best thing about it is their chemistry. It’s so clear how well they get along and, given how many teams we’ve had with individuals only out for themselves, it’s a joy to behold.

PS. I would like to cordially invite Dan Burn to duet Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” at Cosy Joes on Saturday night.

Watching the relegation battle as an outsider

It still blows my mind a little bit that we’re in the top 10.

At Christmas, we were on 10 measly points, second from bottom, and convinced we were going down. It’s wild that since Christmas, we’ve gained 30 points. Naturally, safety is the priority, but it’s fun to be able to watch the relegation battle knowing we won’t be drawn into it. Especially now that the scouse Mackems are in the relegation zone.

I hope Jonny Van Der Beek is happy with his transfer choice…


One thought on “The little things I love about this new-look NUFC as the quality content just keeps on coming!

  1. To the people complaining about the group “selfie” at NUFC, welcome to 2022. Or 2014, that is when it first became a “thing” when Ellen Degeneres did one at The Oscars. You might not like it, but that is how it is now. Same with regular selfies, pictures of food and getting news from Facebook.


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