Jake Humphrey hits nail on the head on Newcastle fans and “unrealistic expectations”

BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey has defended the clubs’ fanbase for our supposed “unrealistic expectations” after a narrow defeat to Liverpool over the weekend. 

The Norwich fan has been very vocal in his defence of Newcastle supporters in recent years with many viewing him as a breath of fresh air from other presenters/pundits who have labelled us as delusional. 

Following zero wins in our first 14, we are now all but safe from the drop – something never achieved before – and have shot up into the top half, with fans showing their appreciation for the effort week in week out. 

Here’s what Humphrey had to say about the Toon Army over the weekend:

“A lot of the media say NUFC fans have unrealistic expectations, getting into the Champions League, superstar signings and I guess what we’ve seen over the past few weeks proves that wrong.

“The club is in ninth and the fans are united and celebrating as if they’re fourth.

“They just wanted their team to compete.”

In the last few months, the amount of support shown to the players as well as the work that has gone in to the flag displays by Wor Flags for every home game just highlights how happy we would be with simply avoiding a relegation battle, let alone qualify for Europe.

Whatever future lies ahead for us, there is no question that Newcastle fans will back their team to the hilt and will only ever ask for the players to work as hard as they can and never give in

2 thoughts on “Jake Humphrey hits nail on the head on Newcastle fans and “unrealistic expectations”

  1. Jake has no affiliation with Newcastle or Newcastle fans that I’m aware of – he’s a Norwich fan.

    But he is the only media voice who has ever come close to representing our fanbase with any modicum of truth.

    Carra & Nev have started since the new owners have come in – sitting and speaking with the fans pre match. BUT BOTH defended Bruce & at times asked what the fans expected from Ashley ‘he can’t compete & he’s keeping them a PL club’.

    Jake is brilliant imo. He does a good podcast too – High Performance ??.


  2. At last someone telling it like it actually is instead of following the lazy media agenda.


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