Steve Bruce makes bizarre Eddie Howe claim in new interview on his time at Newcastle United

In an interview with FourFourTwo, Steve Bruce has claimed that Eddie Howe “has had a lot more money to spend than I ever did” – a blame deflecting line that seems typical of the former NUFC boss.

We all know Howe has been fortunate with the money that was given to him in January – about £90million to sort out the tragic mess that Bruce left in the first place.

However, during his two full seasons at the club, the 61-year-old had around £135million worth of new players at his disposal with the likes of Joelinton (£40m), Joe Willock (£26m), Callum Wilson (£20m), Allan Saint-Maximin (£20m) and Jamal Lewis (£15m) all signed under his period as manager – and that doesn’t include ‘free agents’ Ryan Fraser and Jeff Hendrick who wouldn’t have been as cheap as they appeared.

This just shows how ridiculous that statement was by the current West Brom boss, who seems to always be desperate to try and cover his own back and shift blame onto anyone but himself.

The biggest credit we can give to Eddie Howe is how he is actually making the players signed under Bruce look worth the money – Joelinton had been written off, but now you’d struggle to find a fan willing to take back that £40m we paid for him.

Read his full interview:

“I was under no illusions whatsoever when I arrived at Newcastle. I was becoming part of an unpopular regime and knew I’d be associated with Mike Ashley from day one. And I was replacing Rafael Benitez, who was loved by the fans.

“Eddie’s had a lot more money to spend than I ever did, but he’s brought in some good players and improved the team. I’m very happy to acknowledge that, because Newcastle, and the fans, deserve the success.

“I worked there when everyone was talking about a potential takeover. The club needed new owners to come in to re-energise it, and I always knew that, if it came during my watch, I probably wouldn’t be hanging around for too long.

“I just hope that, a few years down the line, some of those supporters who never wanted me will look back at my time in charge and say ‘under the circumstances, Brucey didn’t do too bad a job after all’.”

7 thoughts on “Steve Bruce makes bizarre Eddie Howe claim in new interview on his time at Newcastle United

  1. Why not just get it out into the open once and for all ? Xcuse is a liar and a serial liar at that. Like most delusional round faced morons in this current time, he believes in the old adage that Truth is struggling to get its boots on while the lie is half way around the world ?

    First it was Trump then Johnson the Clown and now of course there’s Steve “Kebab man” Bruce


  2. More absolute S***E from Bruce… he should just crawl under a stone with his antiquated “coaching” methods which belong in the 70’s!
    He is the luckiest manager on earth to get paid £8 million for being abject failure and a yes man!


  3. I appreciate that it’s fashionable to slag Bruce off but to say your maths is off is an understatement.
    First of all, we all know that Bruce had absolutely no say in the Joelinton deal.
    It was agreed before he came in, and a condition of him taking the job.
    If you are an actual fan you know that.
    Bruce got an average of two half decent players a year, and ignoring the Brazilian, he spent an average of 16 million in each transfer window.
    Howe has spent 93 million IN ONE WINDOW, and got to select his own players.
    Bruce was given 90 million by Ashley over his entire stay as manager.
    Howe spent 90 million in one go.
    We know Bruce was crap. We know the players didn’t pull their weight under him. We know his training was suspect.
    We’ve got enough to slag him off about already without just making shit up and lying.


  4. Don’t know what planet Steve Bruce is on! Anyone with one eye and half a brain can see the change in the team since The Deluded One departed. One of the biggest mysteries in the world is how anyone could ever employ him as a manager or coach after witnessing the potential the players he had that Eddie Howe unlocked.


  5. What strange maths.

    90m in one year versus a bit more for Bruce in two and a half.

    Pro-rata and it’s clear that Howe HAS had a fair bit more to spend AND if you judged him over the equal time that Bruce was in charge would no doubt spend several times that more, if he stays that long.

    But let’s not let truth get in the way of a good story eh.


  6. Ok, he’s just shot himself in the foot Again, why can he just move on without his blame culture, wherever, WHEREVER, Bruce, has been He Has Failed, Sunderland, relegated, Hull relegated, Wigan relegated, NUFC would have been relegated had it not been for new owners and Howe, not to mention the improvement of Joe Linton, I am sick to death to hear Bruce (the Manc, not a proper Geordie), winging, blaming anyone in his sights for his useless ability to manage, coach or even pick a team, he is probably the only manager who has made a career out of being a failure.


  7. Before anyone has a go at me, citing, Sunderland, Hull and Wigan who were relegated under Bruce, my statement refers to the carnage caused by Bruce resulted in their downfall, NUFC were fortunate with their outcome the others were not.


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