Biggest signing of the summer finally arrives at NUFC – Why Ashworth’s appointment has me hooked

So much speculation, intrigue and rumours abound at St. James Park right now. Most of it about potential transfer targets as the list gets longer than the queue outside Fenwick’s Christmas window. But, have NUFC finally landed the most important signing of all?

Mr Ashworth appears to have finally been released into the building to start helping the new owners and young Eddie build a team to front the new revolution.

After months of speculation, a rumour appears now to be a fact and Dan Ashworth will be the man to sportingly direct the operations that our wonderful new owners want put in place. It is an appointment that seems to have been met with universal approval.

Not one discerning voice can be heard, with many a football person hailing it as the best signing NUFC could have made and the one that will finally propel the plans that the takeover has promised to deliver. We wish him well and perhaps now we can get one or two ‘over the line’ and cut the rumours list down.

Whilst the Premier League have apparently got the final say, a formality I’m assured, The Club have officially announced Ashworth’s arrival. I suspect then that the works starts now. What fans need now is that little bit of patience that they don’t seem to have at times.

I’m sure Ashworth will have done a Howe! Eddie went away after leaving Bournemouth and reassessed his style, abilities and what was and is needed in today’s modern game returning with spectacular results as we all clearly saw and enjoyed.

Ashworth left Brighton some time ago, having been on the longest ‘gardening leave’ I’ve seen for some time. He was incredibly successful when he was at The Amex and brought in some players that perhaps a lot of football fans had not heard of. They are now superstars and should Brighton decide to cash in on any of them they’re going to benefit substantially from it.

Ashworth made Brighton an attractive proposition and probably attracted players and a manager in Graham Potter that previous officials at Brighton could never have done or dreamed at. I’m expecting the same at Newcastle with an added twist.

The twist? Well, the financial backing is already in place at Newcastle and doesn’t have to be generated. It has to be spent wisely and correctly and looking at Ashworth’s track record that’s exactly what I’m expecting to happen. He has amazing selling powers we’re led to believe. Add that to the resources at his fingertips and I firmly believe it’s going to be a winning combination and then some.

Remember though his role is not to just bring in players. He’s here to oversee the transformation and re-alignment that the Club needs from top to bottom and back up again. Eddie and The Owners have made a magnificent start on the huge investment. Ashworth can drive that even higher and harder.

The one thing many said when these Owners took over was that they had to appoint the right personnel. In Dan Ashworth they have probably done just that and his arrival should be heralded as the most important and positive signing NUFC have made since the takeover.

Just watch this video from a few months ago and tell me you’re not impressed already…

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