NUFC sanction improved summer budget, but end interest in Premier League trio – The Telegraph

Back in March, The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards released a piece stating that our new owners were set to hand Eddie Howe £60m plus money raised from player sales this summer.

A few months later, the same North-East reporter has revealed that they have now sanctioned an increased budget of between £80m to £100m.

That said, it seems the club are still facing a ‘Newcastle tax’ that has seen selling clubs demand huge fees for their players – all because they know the ‘richest club in the world’ has come calling.

The report then goes on to reveal how this has impacted our enquiries so far, saying we’ve walked away – for now – from potential deals for Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Ivan Toney and Jack Harrison due to the excessive asking prices quoted.

The Telegraph claim that Everton are demanding £60m for Calvert-Lewin, with Brentford wanting ‘upwards of £50m’ for Toney and Harrison valued at £30m by Leeds.

So, Howe’s budget may have increased, however it seems we won’t be taken for a ride, nor will we be signing any of the above trio unless their clubs agree to reduce their demands.

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3 thoughts on “NUFC sanction improved summer budget, but end interest in Premier League trio – The Telegraph

  1. This is from the same guy that said we had a pittance to spend please stop quoting him he doesn’t know his A##hole from his elbow.
    Luke Edwards is such a bad reporter he chops and changes his so called “Exclusives” that no matter what the outcome he’ll be right so he can gloat and rub his ego and say “i told you so”
    The guys a joke


  2. Olly – the problem with this garbage is, anyone with any knowledge of business knows that you do not specify a budget with a range of numbers.
    A budget is declared as a maximum number, so we have a budget of 80 million, or, we have a budget of 100 million. If it is 80 – 100 million that’s not actually a budget.

    Same applies when these clowns value a player.
    If you are buying a used car and ask the owner how much he wants for it and he says 10 – 12 thousand, that’s 10,000. No manager or owner ever said “We want 25 – 30 million for him”.
    It’s either 25 or it’s 30. If they say 25 – 30 they’re not going to get 30, if they’ve said 25 is OK.

    I appreciate you are providing information for us fans by repeating what you read, but you have to draw a line somewhere.


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