Simon Jordan makes £1,000 Newcastle United bet live on TalkSPORT – Watch here

TalkSPORT’s Jim White has placed a £1,000 bet with his co-host Simon Jordan that Newcastle will finish in the top six of the Premier League next season.

On the show, Jordan was very confident that there is little hope of Newcastle reaching the top six next year – and frankly, you’d do well to find many Newcastle fans that disagree with that assertion!

Our newfound wealth is obviously no secret, but spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee you success – you just have to look at Everton to see how poor spending can cost you dearly in more ways than one.

Not only that, it’s been said on several occasions that it’ll be ‘evolution not revolution’ under our new owners, suggesting we won’t be throwing silly money around in a bid to buy our way to the top.

Despite these bold claims coming from the mouth of former Sky Sports presenter Jim White, this type of statement often gets mistranslated across social media and will no doubt be used in the future to fuel the narrative that Newcastle fans are deluded.

Here’s a clip of the pair making the bet live on air yesterday:

To be clear, very few are expecting to qualify for Europe next year, with the majority of the fanbase being realistic in our hopes for the new campaign. Many would accept a top 10 finish and a cup run!

To have the excitement back at St James’ Park and not having to worry about the constant threat of relegation is about the extent of what most of us are asking for.

3 thoughts on “Simon Jordan makes £1,000 Newcastle United bet live on TalkSPORT – Watch here

  1. You have to be a bit of a moron to accept an even money bet when you can go online and get 9/4 for NUFC to finish top 6. I know it is a statement, but just saying! If White wins his bet with Jordan he gets 1,000, if he goes to the bookies he gets 2,250.


  2. Old mighty mouth does put his foot in it every now and again, He thinks he knows BIG words but often fails to use them correctly or mispronounces them. Hyperbole was a classic. Now it’s ANNUALS of time


  3. I think the author is underestimating Newcastle’s chances next season.

    I believe that with the new owners and the addition of some key players, Newcastle will be able to compete for a spot in the top six.

    I like that the author is realistic about the fans’ expectations, and I appreciate that they are not expecting to qualify for Europe.

    I agree that having the excitement back at St James’ Park is essential and that most fans would be happy with a top 10 finish.


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