Nottingham Forest 2-3 Newcastle: Bruno brilliance seals big win for the Toon

Bruno Guimaraes scored twice in another chaotic game at the City Ground as Eddie Howe’s Mags won their first back-to-back away games of the Premier League season.

Twice Newcastle were ahead – through first-half strikes from Bruno and Schar – and twice Forest leveled the game – through wingers Elanga and Hudson-Odoi before a second-half curler from the South American sent us 3-2 up.

The Mags were again exposed in wide areas as Eddie Howe was forced to defend his selection of Dan Burn in pre-match media duties.

The opening goal came courtesy of a well worked corner routine. The ball was passed short to Trippier outside the right corner of the box. The right back whipped it to the back post where an unmarked Bruno volleyed home.

Forest’s equaliser came on the break around fifteen minutes after our opener. Gibbs-White picked up the ball deep in his half and drove forward into the gap left by Miley who had stepped up. Gibbs-White picked a defence-splitting pass and Elanga beat Burn for pace to slide the ball under the rushing Dubravka. Another goal conceded from a quick break, exposing our lack of pace in the defensive third.

Newcastle were back ahead before half-time after another set piece caused problems for the Forest defence. Botman nodded across after the ball was floated in from a deep freekick and Fabian Schar was there to smash in a side-footed volley. That’s now three goals in the Swiss star’s last two away games and another superb finish.

But right on the stroke of the break, Forest pegged the Mags back as a long-range strike from Hudson-Odoi deflected off Miley past Dubravka who was rooted to the spot.

Bruno completed his brace just after the hour mark with a superb curled long range effort. It was a lovely finish from the edge of the box and sparked brilliant celebrations in the away end after our Brazilian maestro fired past former Mag Matz Sels.

A penalty shout for Forest came just before Bruno’s second and was labelled as “controversial” by Sky commentary, but Awoniyi’s leg was trailing, and he engaged contact with Dubravka. Even a lengthy VAR check did not see a penalty.

Howe had tweaked his tactical set-up as Bruno was deployed higher up the pitch than usual, playing as an 8. His freedom going forward gave him two goals and justified Howe’s tactical changes.

Taking the Brazilian’s place at the base of the midfield was Miley. On a few occasions Trippier inverted into midfield to create a double-pivot with the teenager. Bruno returned to the base of the midfield with around 15 minutes to play.

The result sees us jump to seventh in the table and keeps the us in contention for European football next season. It is also the first time since 2016 that we have won four away games in a row in all competitions.

The Toon welcome Bournemouth to St James’ next Saturday and will hope to be more defensively solid than of late.

NUFC XI: Dubravka – Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn – Longstaff, Bruno, Miley – Almiron, Wilson, Gordon. 

SUBS: Karius, Dummett, Lascelles, Ritchie, Barnes, Krafth, Hall, Livramento, Murphy.

About Joshua Nichol

Joshua is a freelance journalist currently training at Sunderland Uni, but is a lifelong Newcastle fan and enjoyer of retro football kits.

18 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest 2-3 Newcastle: Bruno brilliance seals big win for the Toon

  1. Well, Bruno was outstanding today. Our defence is very shaky indeed these days. Glad we managed to hold on but that was an edge of the seat match. Every time Forest got the ball I feared the worst. So quick. But up to 7th for now. We needed that.


  2. Enjoyed that with my breakfast this morning.

    Two Nicely worked and finished set piece goals and a good interception / finish for the 3rd.

    Their 2nd was just bad luck after a schar error who looked like he was struggling from an earlier knock.
    On their first goal it started on the forest box with a simple 5 yard pass that took out the MF 3 and schar to set up an excellent pass to pick out clever movement at pace that took the forward beyond defence and in front of dubravka, who was a bit too late coming out.
    A bad team effort but no surprise to see burn picked out as the villain. It’s childish.

    I thought the team were largely below par with Wilson / Almiron especially struggling. Nufc looked pretty compact once they got the 3rd and deserve a lot of credit for their organisation, mindset and effort. They went a little too deep to say it was comfortable but 2nd half they mostly managed forests pace

    Attacking wise nufc were pretty inept and Gordon didn’t look fit. I’m bemused by the fans exultation of guimaraes high. I thought he usually took way too much time and was dispossessed too easily so blunted more often than complemented attacks. He spent a lot of time on his ar5e

    Id drive him anywhere in a heartbeat and not look back for the reported buy out clause and gleefully spend it on MGW and a MF destroyer .

    A word on Barnes who looked very classy. The thought of him, Gordon and isak in attack remains enticing and throw in MGW, positively gorgeous

    Four wins away on the bounce so on we go to Bournemouth


  3. Gilly – I’ve given up on the site to be honest mate.

    There was at least another 6 advert filled articles pumped out yesterday with little content & zero interest in instigating conversation.

    There are more article producers than ever before with none of them actually interested in what they are writing or being part of a conversation about what they are writing about – not even on a match day do they get involved, yet seconds after the final BANG there’s an article goes up.

    I have nothing but respect for those who do post on this site – people who I’ve ‘known’ for many years. But this site is no longer a fans forum.


  4. Sharpy17:
    Gilly – I’ve given up on the site to be honest mate.

    There was at least another 6 advert filled articles pumped out yesterday with little content & zero interest in instigating conversation.

    There are more article producers than ever before with none of them actually interested in what they are writing or being part of a conversation about what they are writing about – not even on a match day do they get involved, yet seconds after the final BANG there’s an article goes up.

    I have nothing but respect for those who do post on this site – people who I’ve ‘known’ for many years.But this site is no longer a fans forum.

    We have a few writers for the site, but most of them are sending articles in while working full-time, managing family life or studying at uni, amongst many other things. Their contribution to the site is in the articles they write – that is their input. I don’t think we can expect them to then join conversations in a matchday thread when it’s hard enough finding the time for them to send me articles. I want to stress these points as it feels like you believe all of our writers are ignorant and have no interest in interacting, but it’s not that simple. I wish it was!

    As for me – I’ll be totally honest, I spent years posting ‘new thread’ in the preview or match report and it often felt like no comments were referring to what I’d written or the debate I’d offered up in my piece, just chats amongst yourselves. That’s ok and it’s really great that you’ve struck up long-term friendships on here through the many chats you have in the threads, but I myself spend so much of my week making this a one-stop shop for all Newcastle news and opinion, whether that be covering match reports, transfer rumours, injuries or Howe’s press conferences, all while managing my own personal battles and the team of writers I’ve gathered to help me produce content.

    I try my best to comment, raise any issues you flag up and send over little things you might enjoy (like the new podcast I started), but I haven’t got the time to write articles AND then join in debates in the comments section on a regular basis. It’s enough of a full time job for me to keep the site active, then run our social media platforms and produce podcast. It would be great in an ideal world if we had the time to interact more, but it’s not easy.

    You’ve been critical of the fact several articles go out onto the site or a match report is posted so soon after full-time when there are few comments in the matchday threads, but I can’t really win in that sense. Surely writing the articles is A) doing my job and B) giving you more content to debate and discuss?


  5. On topic as two ashworth articles in a short period. Gotta say I think you’re grasping for hope in them, Olly

    Apparently that it’s that particular journalist breaking the news means it’s legit and most manutd commenters are assuming it’s a done deal.

    I wouldn’t know as he’s a cartel focussed writer so I pay the journalist next to no attention.

    I’m not sure why ashworth owes the fans any explanation in his intent. He’s accountable to the owners and If he’s clear with them thats all that’s required

    My hope (expectation actually, as nufc seem very planful ) is that they’ve done succession planing and identifed replacements .. and not just for ashworth. So if he goes the club adjust and keep progressing


  6. If Ashworth wants to go to an inferior team for more money then good luck to him. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.


  7. Yup .. agreed to a degree Gilly.

    Manutd however are getting their 5h1t together. They’ll be a force for 5th place this season and top four next season. Imagine the allure of putting that basket case club on the right track ( to be .. let’s face it .. the biggest club in the world ) and doing it with your mates. I’d jump.

    Nufc already can’t compete with them ( or the other cartel clubs) in terms of commercial revenue and consequently for marquee players.

    Commercial doors are being closed by the PL to stop nufc getting there .. ironically under the guise of anti competition 🙄 Latest evidence was the associated parties ruling last week.

    The one ace nufc have against those constraints is their ability and intent to develop or identify and recruit young and emerging talent and ashworth is key to that.
    Hence my expectation they have a replacement lined up.


  8. Clery is providing quite the commentary on all things nufc. Seen and heard him on many media outlets in the last week or so and no surprise he’s got a view on ashworth. He talks sense and that podcast on ashworth is no different.
    It’s astonishing that fans know so little about what ashworth brings and sadly it seems a foregone conclusion he’s off to manutd.
    Working with the genius that is brailsford, I’d be excited if I was a fan of that lot.

    However Ashworth’s been at this a while now and role is well known so there’ll be others who can pick up from him at nufc.

    As with players nufc can’t compete with the cartel clubs for execs so must identify emerging talent and I expect they already have someone(s) picked out


  9. I’d like Ashworth to stay for stability & consistency – we are building as a club & those in place at the moment have been since the very beginning.

    BUT – Ashworth is 1 man in that team & it’s blown my mind just how much credit he’s getting. He’s good at what he does for sure, but he’s not the jewel in the crown as people suggest – that would be Darren Eales.

    If you look at Ashworths history he tends to stay at a club around 3-5years before moving on, so he was never likely to pick up a long service carriage clock with NUFC.

    The longest was with England – 6 years where he introduced his ‘DNA Plan’ – sounds exciting. But he didn’t invent football. There were smaller national teams that were ahead of England in terms of technical ability – we were pretty rubbish & had no structure. He basically looked at what the Spanish, French & Germans were doing & put 3 lions on it. It was very good, but the wheel didn’t fall off once he left.

    The same can be said for Brighton – the wheel hasn’t come off there either.

    Also – England were rubbish, Brighton were rubbish, we were rubbish & Man Utd are rubbish – so he goes into clubs where there is plenty of room for improvement & becomes a messiah.

    He’s 1 very replaceable man in a club full of very competent humans now. If Ashworth leaves then his replacement may need a few weeks to get up to speed – but Eales will keep things on track.

    I’m really not too concerned.


  10. Wilson 100% has to be moved on now – I don’t care about his goals per game rate!! His injury record is a joke.

    The reason I’m ready to wash my hands of him is I saw how his latest injury happened at the end of the Forest game. He was chewing on with the CBs trying to out muscle them – he did it about 20 seconds before the final whistle when the ball had already gone out for a goal kick. It was a totally pointless exchange in a game we’d all but won & in trying to throw his weight into the challenge the CB got the better of him & now he’s out for 12 weeks.

    Move him out come the summer & get a younger more reliable forward.


  11. Wilson is a right sick note he was before he came should have gone in Jan window or before that if ime honest,get him out


  12. What a shame if that’s Wilson’s last game and it might well be. Good goal scorer but clearly not playing often enough

    It’s easy to say get rid but there has to be a market. That said prioritising a new striker among other upgrades seems a good call. Wonder how easy that will be?


  13. GoWest – it depends how long the club mess around with this Ashworth situation.

    Brentford signed a new CF for £30m yesterday – or have negotiated a deal just ready to sign off in the summer.
    They obviously anticipate Toney leaving & have got ahead of the game – if they can do it, why can’t we?! – coz our sporting director is flirting with Man Utd.

    We need that situation sorted ASAP coz it’s going to be a big summer – lots to do to keep us moving forward.


  14. Flirting with Man Utd?? .. that’s a bit hyperbolic

    The club have stated they want the ashworth situation sorted quickly. In doing so they should absolutely hold to terms they set

    I think you’re conflating two issues. Why would discussions about ashworths future impinge on discussions on future players. Seems like two different sets of people.

    It’s a little simplistic to suggest that team ‘X’ do something so why don’t NUFC not least because Brentford and nufc have different ambitions.

    Toney is almost certainly leaving, is very much in demand and will have a pick of options, so Brentford can act with certainty and be confident of a big payout.

    Wilson isn’t and won’t have the same options and may well see out his toon contract.

    And that’s just a start before
    PSR, long term injury complications and likely competition on strikers who NUFC will be after to achieve their ambition are factored in

    I’m not saying nufc shouldn’t be planning and I’d bet they are


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