Sandro Tonali – Good news for Newcastle as “fascinating conversation” goes public

The Athletic’s Chris Waugh has shared details of a “fascinating conversation” he’s had with someone close to Sandro Tonali.

As we all know, the Italian is suspended until August after breaching betting rules, but it seems there’s real hope behind the scenes that he’s benefited from his time on the sidelines.

It’s believed Tonali is now “fluent in English” and has also learned “exactly what Eddie Howe wants him to do” ahead of his long-awaited return to the side next season. Obviously it’s been a huge blow to lose our star summer signing over such a huge period, but it seems there’s belief he’ll return in a position to make an immediate impact.

Speaking on the latest Pod On The Tyne podcast, Waugh had this to say:

“I had a fascinating conversation a couple of weeks ago with someone who knows Tonali pretty well.

“They were actually saying that the irony they see of the situation is that in some ways this time out and the fact that he is now fluent in English and he’s learned exactly what Eddie Howe wants him to do that when Newcastle fans actually see him next season there is a significant hope that he will actually be better suited to coming into the team at that point than if he had been in and around the squad this year.

“Obviously it’s a situation that nobody wanted and it has negatively effected Newcastle’s season in so many ways, and I’m sure he’s had a very difficult time during it, but the hope is that when he does come back he will be ready to make the impact immediately as Newcastle need him to.”

Tonali’s lack of competitive football is a concern – hopefully he can feature in pre-season friendlies over the summer – but the fact he’s learnt the language, integrated into the squad, settled in the area and understood his role in the side could put him in good stead ahead of the 2024/25 season.

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6 thoughts on “Sandro Tonali – Good news for Newcastle as “fascinating conversation” goes public

  1. Learn English get paid 140000 a week

    Bloke has a lot to answer for he ****** our season

    Rather he was moved on as soon as

    Ashworths folly


  2. Aye – he should be back in time to place a bet on our first game of the season!
    Sorry – I just don’t get the hero worship of this guy!


  3. Sandro is going to be a top player for us .. the blunderland fans commenting on him … suck it up
    Losers 🤡🏆


  4. What a stupid article based on “I had a conversation with someone who knows Tonali very well”. Talk about blowing smoke! Why do we other?


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