Amanda Staveley set to leave Newcastle along with Mehrdad Ghodoussi – Report

Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi look set to leave Newcastle United this summer.

In a bombshell piece from The Athletic’s George Caulkin, it’s revealed that the pair are preparing to depart less than three years on from the £300m Saudi-backed takeover, where Staveley played a vital role in negotiating a deal with Mike Ashley and sourcing investment from the PIF.

Staveley initially took up a 10% stake in the club following the takeover in October 2021, but she recently reduced that stake by selling some of those shares to the Reuben brothers.

In his piece for The Athletic, Caulking states that ‘all parties have reluctantly concluded that the time is right for Staveley and Ghodoussi to step back and sell their shareholding and for the club to move on’, with the club taking on more of a corporate structure following the appointments of Darren Eales as CEO and Paul Mitchell; our new sporting director.

Despite her continued involvement behind the scenes – she played a role in initial talks with Man Utd over Dan Ashworth’s compensation package – it’s thought Eales has taken on many of her original responsibilities.

If this does mark the end of Staveley and Ghodoussi’s time on Tyneside, we would like to thank them for everything. After years of misery under Mike Ashley, we’ll never forget their hard work, perseverance, passion and engagement with supporters.

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3 thoughts on “Amanda Staveley set to leave Newcastle along with Mehrdad Ghodoussi – Report

  1. Get the statue up!! These 2 fought tooth & nail to get our club from under the heel of Fat Cashley.

    Many others would have moved on to another club and set about transforming them – not Mandy.

    Her persistence & tenacity to take on both Cashley & the PL is why we find ourselves where we do today – and we should never overlook that.

    She’s as important to our clubs history as Sir John Hall imo.


  2. I’ll retract my court case comment as I forgot that she is ill, I just hope this isn’t because she has become worse.
    Hopefully it’s a business decision and the pair of them will always be warmly welcomed anywhere there is a Newcastle supporter for rescuing our club


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