About NUFC blog

Welcome one and all to NUFCblog.co.uk! The aim is to promote discussion and debate with regard to a host of issues surrounding our beloved Newcastle United.

The goal is to establish a vibrant community where we can exchange our views and opinions on what the current news and speculation is. We will endeavour to bring you news and articles from a variety of different authors, some of which you may agree with, some of which you may not, but all of which are up for debate.

Rules are horrible things, and we like to be rebels here at NUFCblog.co.uk, but there is still a need for structure so we all need to know where we stand. Just bear in mind that this site will hopefully appeal to folks of all ages in the long run so we ask people to refrain from the overuse of foul and abusive language. We would also ask folks to refrain from posting libellous or racist comments and be considerate of the views that others may have.

We are well aware that we are competing in a tough niche of the market. Newcastle United has a very active online community and there are dozens of various websites, ‘blogs and forums, mainly run by fans, that people are free to use on the internet. The aim of NUFCblog.co.uk is to establish itself in amongst one of the most competitive niches and thrive. If you want some ambition, the ultimate goal is to be number one and to become your one stop website for all things NUFC.

Look out for updates as the site is very much in it’s infancy. Still, I guess it makes our anniversary easy to mention. This place was formed on New Years Day. A new year, a new start…..

So welcome along, strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride.