If you are interested in becoming part of the team here at, then why not get in at the ground level and catch the elevator to the top with us now?

You can be rest assured that there are big plans afoot for the place, plans that will make this place the one stop shop for Newcastle United on the net.

Interested? Why not look at our available positions?

Social media master.

Your aim is to promote the site through social media activity. As the site grows, so will the following, and your job will be to keep people entertained. There is nothing more boring that just getting links thrown at you, and some real life interaction is always appreciated and makes the reader more likely to want to be part of it.

Interested? Apply via the Contact us form.

Budding ‘blog writer.

Think you can write a decent ‘blog with a well thought out and well reasoned point behind it? This could be for you.

The whole aim of this site is for it not to be a one man band like other sites. The aim is to get as many viewpoints as possible, which is why the site layout is as it is. More on articles on view for more of the time making it easier to accomodate different authors.

It will require a regular commitment on behalf of the applicant although a set quota is something that I am keen to avoid.

Forum moderators

Moderators will be needed for what will be the next addition to the legacy. The aim will be to to ensure that people don’t misuse the new forum function that will run alongside the conventional blog.

Interested? Apply via the Contact us form.