Pardew – “You want a round peg for a round hole.”

An update from Pardew.
Alan Pardew has reiterated that he feels that NUFC are ahead of the game when it comes to summer transfer activity.

Newcastle have been very active in France in recent months and it looks as though a lot of our transfer activity will be focussed on the continent. Graham Carr and Pardew himself have both been frequent visitors to various game across the continent so I’d like to think that all of this legwork will pay off in the end.

With that in mind, Pardew has given us a brief update on transfer activity and potential contract talks via The Northern Echo.

“I can report there is nothing imminent in terms of contract talks. In terms of transfers, it’s gone ok so far. We’ve got a good handle on the players who are going to become available and I like to think we’re definitely in a better position than last year,” said Pardew.

He continued: “Forget about the finance, just in terms of the preparation work we have put in – we know the players who are going to be available. We’ve got more information, we’re better off than last year. It’s all our scouting team and our coaching team, who feed into Graham Carr and ultimately to me. I then go to Derek Llambias and ask for the financial side of the deal and whether it is going to work.”

The involvement of Derek Llambias doesn’t fill me with confidence. We saw recently how out of touch he is when he criticised the fans for making their feelings about Andy Carroll known at Anfield. According to him it was “just one of things that happen”. He just doesn’t get it.

In my mind he is one of the main causes of the division between fan and boardroom. Ashley may take the flak and the chants for it, rightly as he was his appointment, but it’s Llambias who is in charge of the day to day running of the club. I just hope that Llambias can deliver the goods this time, and by the sounds of it, so does Pardew.

“You can target good players, but unless you can pay for them, there is no point,” Pardew explained. “We have to get that part right as well. There is better value abroad, our market is over-priced. Are they more talented? In some cases.”

“You have to decide whether you want to enter the market here or abroad, but it depends on the players more than anything. You want a round peg for a round hole.”

I think, in light of all this plus a few other things like the double-rebuff from Kevin Gameiro and Gervinho, that this summer is going to be a most frustrating affair. It’s not going to be as cut and dry as it should be, but I’m not too fussed about that as long as, in the end, we have a stronger squad and team to show for it.

It could take a while yet though, and it’s not going to happen straight away by the sounds of it.

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69 thoughts on “Pardew – “You want a round peg for a round hole.”

  1. here we go again !! he opens his gob far 2 much! he said ben arfa was pencilled in for the liverpool game , he talks utter boll**!! please no1 believe this pap he says owt , think he just trys 2 keep us sweet


  2. man utd have just started against blackburn n look like they mean business , think blackburn are in 4 a long game


  3. Army – I don’t understand how you can moan at Pardew about Ben Arfa. Is it not feasable that, after nearly a whole season out, the lad might suffer a setback? I read where he mentioned about how Ben Arfa MIGHT make the Liverpool game, but I didn’t believe it for a second as I knew there would be a setback. It’s natural.


  4. Army – But he is only answering questions that he is asked by the press. It’s nt like he babbles it our unprompted is it? Everything you read in the press he will have been asked by someone.

    I prefer it to be honest. I mean we could have silent Chris in charge still and hear nothing at all except a stupid childish grin.


  5. Jobey @ 9 – Exactly my point.

    Plus it would make Liverpool fans pipe down a bit 😛


  6. Alreet lads,
    Good article toonsy.

    Llambias hasn’t got a chuffing clue. Sonner he is gone the better. I reckon the signings we make won’t be the obvious ones which have been reported. The club don’t build up hype on players to spend more money.

    What’s the scores?


  7. I see the club’s getting their excuses in early this year.

    So Tiote’s not playing for the last couple of games also then?

    Wonder if Pardew’s been told not to play him so he doesn’t get an injury and scupper a pre agreed move somewhere?

    Devil’s advocate and all.


  8. Llambiase has always been a PR nightmare and should be replaced. Worse thing the club has going for it in my opinion.

    Pardew at least communicates and doesn’t treat us like we’re spoiled children….


  9. Stu surely you realise that missing Tiote for the first two games of next season isn’t worth it mate?


  10. bet not many people have had that cap on there head what im wearing on this avatar haha


  11. army ile send you my address ,send it too me ile try it on then send it straight back too you 😆


  12. because from 72 to 73 is the 73rd minute of the game… if it happened at 72:08 it can’t have happened IN the 72nd minute cos the 72nd minute finished 8 seconds ago


  13. Stuart – Depends on what rules are being applied. Was Hernandez really going to get to that ball?


  14. my head is baffled by thinkn about that 72 -73 min thing , think i need a lie down lol haha


  15. toonsy
    Posted May 14, 2011 at 2:32 PM
    Stuart – Depends on what rules are being applied. Was Hernandez really going to get to that ball?

    Does it really matter? If a player is taken out in the centre circle after he’s kicked the ball out of touch it’s still a free kick so I suppose the same applies in the box.


  16. Wonder if stu will stop being a miserable negative Nancy in the next 50 years ten years… 😉


  17. MDS – agree totally with that.

    I am fed up reading all these negative doomsday posts on here and .com. Fed up with it man, lets have some PMA 😉


  18. JerseyGeordie
    Posted May 14, 2011 at 2:55 PM
    Wonder if stu will stop being a miserable negative Nancy in the next 50 years ten years…

    What’s your point? If you actually know…

    I cannot even ask a question without people saying it’s negative – you need to get a life.


  19. I am fed up reading all these negative doomsday posts on here and .com. Fed up with it man, lets have some PMA 😉
    Let the Hernandez signing give us hope. There are good players out there that don’t cost 30M. In Carr we trust!


  20. amen to that MDS.

    Toonsy – it was the comments, but I am waiting for the next Larsson article, even the posters on there wank over him!


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