Frequently asked questions.

I’ve set this page up with the aim of answering some common questions that site users ask. This will be added to as and when required.

How do I get an avatar next to my name when I leave a comment?

Easy. Head to www.gravatar.com and log in using the same e-mail that use for this site.

Once logged in, upload the picture you wish to use. You will then get the chance to drop the image to suit your particular needs. Save the cropped picture and hey presto, you have you’re avatar!

It can take a while to work, but once it appears your avatar will follow you round on other Gravatar enabled sites.

How can I contact the site administrators?

Easy. Simply use the Contact form which is located on the menu at the top of every page. We will endeavour to reply at the soonest possible opportunity.

Some of my comments aren’t appearing. Why?

Comments are automatically scanned for spam or swear words on this site. Sometimes the filter can have throb on and decide to bin off completely legitimate comments. If this happens one of the site administrators will be notified and will modify or approve the comment when needed.

Sometimes the comments seem to lag and only update if I leave a comment. How come?

The site uses caching to speed up page loading times and ensure a smoother, faster end user experience. If you don’t know what caching is then I’ll try and explain. Basically, every so often a “photo” is taken of the site and that is what people who aren’t logged in will see. After a certain amount of time a new photo is taken, but if you happen to be reading just before the new “photo” has been taken it can give the impression that you are viewing a quiet page until you update.
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