Journalist makes worrying takeover claim – Mike Ashley has some nerve if true..

According to Alan Nixon, it’s now appearing as though none of the bidders have the money needed to complete a £300m takeover at Newcastle United – stating ‘talk is cheap’ as far as their interest is concerned. 

 Peter Kenyon has been described as the ‘clear front-runner’ to seal a deal in recent weeks, but these comments from Nixon tie in with reports over the weekend that the ex-Chelsea CEO had only managed to raise £200m so far – suggesting he was £100m short of Ashley’s alleged asking price. 

If true, and there is in fact no party with the money needed to seal a takeover at £300m, then why on earth did Ashley come on Sky News and state a takeover was edging closer when he didn’t even know if the interested parties had the financial backing to make it happen?

Nixon may write for The Sun, however he was the man who broke news of our interest in Swansea’s Federico Fernandez before anyone else – also being one of the first to mention our interest in Atlanta’s Miguel Almiron; the Atlanta playmaker who appears to be top of Rafa’s January wanted list.

There’s several claims flying around – making it’s hard to know who to believe right now – and although many are insisting that this interest is very genuine, it’s probably wise to expect the worst until there is an official announcement that a deal has gone through.

One thing is for certain, however – If Mike Ashley doesn’t sell up this time then he’ll be facing a backlash like he’s never seen before. 

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11 thoughts on “Journalist makes worrying takeover claim – Mike Ashley has some nerve if true..

  1. Typical of Ashley same as this time last year ttransfer window opening and doesn’t want to cough up funds foe Raffa to buy looks like bargain basement again this year might not be as lucky as last year by getting Dubravka and Kennedy relegation fight again.


  2. Why on earth did Mike Ashley come on sky news and state a takeover was edging closer, i mean really? Does anyone actually need to question that? a week before a boycot live on sky and the transfer window looming, the club is all of a sudden close to being sold? What a load of complete bull crap. The FCB and his cronies in the media need to fcuk right off.


  3. There is a lot about the fakeover that didn’t add up from the off. Timing, Ashley going public, facing a mass boycott against wolves on live tv, and from what has been reported none of the endless groups wanting to buy nufc (who I might add all knew the asking price before bidding) have come near to the asking price, if you add it all up you get Mike Ashley.


  4. Absolutely right, Trenger, the same old template of lies and misinformation was there for anyone with a brain to see. Next will come the complaining about Rafa’s complaining, the back-room bullying, and the false promises to spend more, but actually only underbid on players we have no hope of convincing to come.
    Rafa will leave (if he has any sense of self-respect), but I suspect few fans will (Geordies and self-respect don’t really go hand in glove), and Ashley will be grinning – rid of that nuisance that keeps over-performing and making him look second rate, but still with the cash cow to continue to milk.
    So sad 🙁


  5. Very sad indeed Peter. Anyone who defends Cashley surely can not be a fan of NUFC. The despicable workhouse owner has sucked the life and soul out of the club and city!


  6. Load-a-****e Olly.

    At the stage that negotiations are at Ashley hasn’t even received an offer from Kenyon’s team yet, so how can he be accused of anything relating to checking available funds when a) they haven’t even reached that stage in the process, and b) he has no idea what they’re offering so hence has no idea how much they need to have?

    Just another pretty poor excuse to have a dig at Ashley.


  7. Finally the penny seems to have dropped ASHLEY and Kenyon are in CAHOOTS, there never was a deal to sell or buy the club,
    IT’S all been a big CON JOB put together by The fat BA****D and his mate KENYON.


  8. Utter clickbait trash. No Journo knows a thing. FCB has never given anything away. Why would he, on a whim, pick up the phone and let one of them know whats going on. I like most would love to see tha animal leave but If it happens it happens. If it doesnt it doesnt. Besides, there are two perfect dats coming up for an announcement. Christmas Day and New Years Eve.


  9. Call me cynical, but I think one of the major reasons he’s gone on tv and claimed that is to make sure Sports Direct is in the press every day before the busiest shopping time of the year!?


  10. Anybody believing ashley was selling Newcastle must be easily taken in, it was all a ploy to stop the protests against him before Christmas, the publicity was hitting his image and damaging his business, why would he sell something that constantly makes him money, as usual we’ve all been conned only this time he’s used his pals on sky to make it look real, a great club, great fans being mistreated by a greedy, malicious business man, time to make a stand and rid this decease from our club before its too late


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