Newcastle lose place in rich list elite.

Money money money...
It was about this time last year that I wrote a ‘blog on .org revealing how Newcastle had maintained their spot is the top twenty football rich list.

I then spent months telling people who were saying things like “we’re still the 20th richest club, even in The Championship” that they were wrong and that we would soon drop out of it once the next (or now the current) set of figures get released.

Well today they have been released, and Newcastle have lost their place in the top twenty for the first time in 17 years. It was to be expected anyway, but it isn’t all bad news and Newcastle could quite easily find themselves back in the top twenty when the next set of figures are released around this time next year.

Out in front are Real Madrid with a revenue of £359.1m, followed by Barcelona in second who raked in £325.9m and Manchester United in third with an income of £286.4m. What gives the two Spanish clubs the head start is the fact that they negotiate their own TV rights rather than splitting a collective pot between the clubs like other leagues do.
Next up in terms of English clubs are Arsenal and Chelsea sitting in fifth and sixth respectively, which is about average for them to be fair.

Liverpool sit in eighth place with an income of £184.5m although they are likely to drop down the pecking order next season due to the fact that they didn’t qualify for the Champions League.

Manchester City are eleventh, although they will probably gain a bit of ground and may move up the table due to their continued growth (new glory-hunting fans) and their extended participation in the Europa League, but the biggest movers will be Tottenham (£119.8m) in twelfth as they reap the rewards of being in the Champions League this season.

And finally, in terms of English clubs, is Aston Villa who have taken our place in the top twenty and sit in 20th. Their £89.6m income can be matched by us though which could mean a return to the to top twenty for us next year.

The last time we made the list we brought in £86m, in a season where we were relegated. If you add on prize money gained per position in the Premier League it would mean that we would need to finish somewhere around the 11th place mark in the table to overtake Aston Villa again. That is also not taking account of the money generated by new shirts at the start of this season would have brought in.

Now I know that there will be someone, somewhere who will say that the fact that we are bringing in that much money should mean we can spend more or words to that effect. Wrong. It doesn’t matter ho much you have coming in, if it’s all going back out again. If you earn £300-a-week, and spend it all, you have nothing.

It will be some time before we can see the full of extent of where we are with the accounts as the next set that become available will, much like this rich list, only cover our period in The Championship, but it will give us a better indication of where we could be.

Figures get thrown around all over the place, but it’s only through the books that we know what is really going on. People will say that the books are being ‘cooked’, but that is paranoia at it’s finest. Would Ernst & Young – a highly respected firm – risk their reputation by defrauding accounts? Would the Government record of businesses that is Companies House be happy with filing them and signing them off?

So we’re out of the top twenty, for now, but we could return this time next year. I personally feel it could be two years before we return to football’s elite rich-list though.

No MASSIVE Sunderland though I see?

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38 thoughts on “Newcastle lose place in rich list elite.

  1. Sorry i cant comment on your article toonsy but work as blocked it somehow. I can post comments just not read your articles 👿


  2. So is there anyway of finding out where abouts we’ve fallen too & in comparison to the other 13 PL clubs currently in the league or do they only publish the top 20 team Sy 😕


  3. So we sign a bag of crap to replace Judas and ashley is looking to close level 7. Anyone still have a good word to say about him?


  4. Micky – Do you really believe Kuqi is Carroll’s replacement? 😆 🙄

    T69 – We’d be somewhere around 40th-50th on last years revenue.

    Police – Cheers for the insightful input 😉


  5. Striker out, striker in.

    So, strolla is the new Carroll, ranger is the new strolla, best is the new ranger, loverman is the new best, so kiwi is the new loverman then.

    Fair enough.


  6. I don’t mind the fact that we’ve signed Kuqi. It’s experience for the bench and a big physical player to throw on if we need to.

    Toonsy it is likely the club will make a profit this season, with the dramatically lowered wage bill. About £45M TV money, gates money, kit money and of course the £35M.

    We will be in a great position when the new rules come in, it will suit Ashley down to the ground only problem is how far ahead will the spenders be by then.


  7. Kuqi is there as 4th choice striker that is it. i have no issue with him coming him he wont set the world alight but should be able to do a job late on in games where we have a slender lead and need to keep possession up the top of the pitch.

    nice article though toonsy, i actually remember reading that thread on .org as well.

    i notice that ed judas did a thread yesterday on pratley from swansea, and alot of the readers were slating him. i personally would like to see us snap him up on a free i think get smith out and bring him in he has so much more to his game. he looked great against us last season especially when they ****ed us at their place for 88 mins before besty set one up for . . . 😆


  8. DJG
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    I don’t mind the fact that we’ve signed Kuqi. It’s experience for the bench and a big physical player to throw on if we need to.

    Exactly, and you know what, the chances are he probably won’t even play for us! He’s an extra body when all we have on the bench is Sol Campbell to stick up front to run the channels! Fair enough if people don’t get inspired, but he isn’t here to sell shirts! He’s match fit, played in the country for 10 years so is used to it, good pro and will give it his all.

    I know he’s a donkey, but beggars and choosers n all that


  9. another things, does anybody know if puma are now paying more than adidas did? because that will add to revenues. they must be paying more for us to switch to shoddy kits like we have now!!


  10. I really don’t get why people are saying well done Ashley Kuqi for Carroll bla bla bla. Obviously we didn’t want to lose Carroll but 35m is too much to turn down, the window shuts and were stuck until the summer, so we sign a big striker who if the other 3 strikers stay fit probably won’t even get more than a full game put together. He’s a ‘just in case’ player and will leave in the summer and then we’ll rebuild from there.


  11. micky toon
    I see you’re talking about ‘replacements’ for Carroll but I think for the forseable future we’ll see the retirement of what we class as our no9 striker.

    If we think we’ll replace Carroll with another big no9 signing I think you’re in for a disapointing summer.

    I think we need to get away from the idea of having a big man, or the main man up front. It’s more likely we’ll get a few different types of striker in who can hopefully share the goal load, and not rely on our no9 to bang them in.


  12. toonsy – so what the hell was the point in leaving them? or did adidias no longer want to be our supplier, did we reach the end of the contract with them or something? it didnt make sense to me at the time and doesnt now.


  13. Toonsy i had a look at some of the comments on ed’s blog and it really annoys me how they think Kuqi is going to start and that if the window was still open this is who we would go for. Also how ed is saying were signing him on loan..

    ILM i know it’s too early to name names but i think if we get Elmander on a free then someone like Gervinho i think we might get another striker with Lovenkrands and Kuqi likely to leave in the summer.


  14. what a shame. would have thought we could do better than puma though, how long are we in for with them? and does anybody else dislike the kits?


  15. Dan
    I would be more gutted about Elmander than I am about Kuqi to be honest. A few goals this season doesn’t make a good player, same as Best, he’s still dump.


  16. Rambo, I’ve got the blue and white one and after a few washes they got clinks and bobbles in them and look terrible but my mates have the home top and the northern rock logo starts pealing off, there not the best..


  17. dan4toon
    Posted February 10, 2011 at 10:19 AM
    Rambo, I’ve got the blue and white one and after a few washes they got clinks and bobbles in them and look terrible but my mates have the home top and the northern rock logo starts pealing off, there not the best..<<<< try useing soap powder instead of gravel 😆 mine are fine 😉


  18. I didn’t even bother with the new kits. Partly because they look ****, tacky and cheap, and partly because there will be more shirts out this summer.


  19. ive got hundreds of tops going back aboot 30 years ,me fav is the 1 we had when wor alan signed with the grandad collar


  20. batty i’ll have to try that sometime hahah

    Also whats up with the blue one, i really liked the look of it at the start of the season but we always lose in it, not only lose play terrible as well. CURSED!


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