Lovenkrands: “Now we’ve got a chance, we need to go and prove it.”

Pistol Pete has shooting boots.
It seems quite appropriate that on Valentines Day our very own Loverman has opted to speak to the press.

Lovenkrands, and indeed all of our strikers, will need to pull their socks up in the final 12 games of the season as Newcastle set about trying to limp over the finishing line safe in the knowledge that they have secured another season of Premier League football.

It’s looks like scoring goals could be our weakest area from here on in. Our performances have been decent in the main, we look defensively solid, the team looks together still and we create an awful lot of chances. None of that matters though if there is nobody there to put the ball in the back of net, which is why goalscorers cost the money.

However Lovenkrands seems unconcerned by this and believes that the team have enough striking options to get them through to the end of the season.

“Both me and Leon have been waiting on our chance. There’s been a lot of times when we’ve felt we should have been playing, but now we’ve got a chance, we need to go and prove it,” Lovenkrands told The Journal.

“We had a lot of the ball going forward, but with the end product, it just didn’t fall for us. There weren’t a lot of chances. We didn’t create that much, despite getting in good positions.”

“Everyone will focus on that now that Andy is away. But we’ve got players who can come in and score for us. I got 16 goals last year, that’s only three less than Andy, and I played less games than him. Yes, he’s a big miss, of course. He’s a great player and good luck to him. But we have players here that go and fill his boots. We just need that bit of luck to set us off and I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

I’m glad that Lovenkrands has a bit of confidence, because he will need it as he sets about scoring the goals to keep us in the Premier League. I agree that things didn’t quite fall for us at Blackburn, but I don’t agree with Lovenkrands’ assertion that we didn’t really create much.

Whether or not our strikers can score the goals remains to be seen, but they most definitely won’t have the excuse of not playing games, which is what I think Lovenkrands needs to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he will be prolific, but I do think that he can offer more when he get into his stride.

At least I hope so anyway!

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20 thoughts on “Lovenkrands: “Now we’ve got a chance, we need to go and prove it.”

  1. i hope he can do something because he has not looked the best when he has had a chance. against man city i dont think i realised he was on the pitch until he was subbed. like to see ranger get a crack from the start vs brum and trouble them from the off


  2. Enrique has said he won’t sign a new deal until we are safe. Seems fair enough to me. Lets secure our place in the EPL next season and then a new contract for Jose! 🙂


  3. do like these write ups

    one bit jumped out to me:
    “Gutierrez is frequently and justifiably criticised for his inconsistent delivery, but his understanding and link up play with Enrique can’t be understated in bringing the best out of the Spaniard”

    Does anyone else think that if Simpson had someone in front of him, who he could combine with, and who would track back for him, that his game would go from strength to strength?

    He has improved massivley in my opinion in his defensive work, he just needs to add a little extra somethingto his game and I think he would get an international call up, and maybe this is it.


  4. It makes sense playing Lovenkrands in these games where the defenders are big and not very mobile when he can give them the run around if nothing else and then with 20 minutes to go bring on a young hungry striker we won’t give up.


  5. Talk is cheap in my opinion. Cheers for your goals last season Peter (which you quite willingly pointed out) but don’t let the door hit yer arse on the way out.

    Not good enough at this level and never has been


  6. dan – he hasnt really done that though has he given them the run around. now i havent seen the full game vs blackburn, i personally feel he is out of his depth now in the prem. i hope that he will prove me wrong because last season his goals were invaluable


  7. rambo – i agree but i feel with the current strikers we have and the teams we are facing it’s the best way, rather than starting Best with Ranger/Kuqi and resulting in a long ball battle and against Johnson and co. we would probably lose.


  8. dan – good points brum are very good in the air, maybe a ranger / loverman combo would be good so we can get it on the deck and run at them and scare them. at least if it is in the air ranger will give more of a fight than loverman or best. i think that willo is in for a rough time vs zigic though. what about playing nolan up top, as an out and out striker?


  9. Yeah i know Nolan likes that position and is probably the best finisher we have at the minute, i just feel he comes alive when coming in from deep where he is unmarked rather than already there where he doesn’t have the pace to escape but i guess when your desperate! As for Zigic, if Stoke can’t defend against him we have no hope 🙁


  10. It wasn’t Zigic who cause the problem for Stoke. It was Cameron Jerome who changed the game. He ran their defence ragged and set the goal up. Zigic just happend to be the one who knocked it in.


  11. toonsy – Thing is thought with Bentley and Larsson the bound to get one decent cross in and physically no one can match him and he will pretty much have a free header.


  12. lover boy was a freebie & aint a prem player & he knows that himself.

    best cost a couple of million & looks a terrible player – probably because he is a terrible player.

    shola cost nowt & has been at the club for ever but only shows up for 1 in 5 games – money for old rope.

    young ranger cost about 500 grand & looks like he’s gonna be a – super sub – at best. super sub i say!!! he couldn’t score in a brothel.

    then there’s the emergency numbers through the door man – joke of the f@cking season – kuci or whatever you caal him.

    this lot need to be shipped out & replaced with 2 qaulity fowards & a decent back up player at the very least – 35 million should be more than enough to cover this.


  13. HOWS wor ROY good i hope,mate you dont really belive fat git will give anybody the 35mill,if he gets down on his knees and begs he might get 10mil,as long as he sells jose,and jonas which will happen,he might get 15mil,the tw@ts a joke imo


  14. am champ’s dog you al reet m8 – heads will be turned with the offer of more money & the chance of winning things elsewhere.

    with further sales i can see another 20/30 million coming into the club this summer with about half of it being reinvested on the playing side.the 35 million he got for AC wont see the light of day again.


  15. totally agree with cropper, not going to sit here and moan about our forwards as the simple truth is they just aren’t very good! Though I would keep Ranger just purely based on his age, see what he can do in the next couple of years.

    Two, maybe even three, strikers are needed, however if anyone thinks we have £35 million to spend they’re mistaken.

    Can see both Enrique and Tiote going in the summer if i’m honest, but the leaving will be down to one thing, if THEY want to leave.

    We will gets bids, but I don’t think they club want to sell, it will be down to the player to say ‘no, I want to stay’ or ‘I want to talk to the club’. Can sense another Carroll situation happening.

    Though £15mill can’t pirouette like Tiote, I guess we can be rest assured about one thing, if a club really wants the player, nufc will milk them for everything they’ve got.


  16. ROY ime tickity boo m8,i think what some fans must understand money makes the footy world go round,we just have to hope ashley keeps the toon going round at a reasonable level,have doubts on that score like.

    jonas will go 6/7mill
    jose 15/18mil
    tiote 18/20mil
    hope not like but can see it,know idea who will come in,this is just the mind set ashley has me in at the mo


  17. With the new financial rules, there might be a chance to sell dear and buy cheap the next season, but all the teams would have to be totally daft to pay way over market with a real financial accounting to the FA facing them. I suppose you could over pay if you were not in Europe, but once you are, you could find yourself having to sell to stay in the competition. Once you sell, you may not be able to hold your spot into the next year! The more I think about this, the dizzier I get.


  18. Man the new rules mean jack all, none of the top four give a flying about them and already realise they’re unenforceable


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